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  • Bring a mellow chill to the drink, cooling your spirit without diluting the flavors
  • Add a Revolver Cylinder Holster to freeze your Whiskey Bullets with ease!
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  • The Whiskey Bullet stays at the bottom of the glass
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  • The cube edges are rounded, preventing scratching
  • Add a Revolver Cylinder Holster to freeze your Whiskey Bullets with ease!
  • Add engraving to your Whiskey Bullets!
  • The Whiskey Bullet stays at the bottom of the glass
  • Easy to clean and don’t add any flavors or smells
  • Easy to clean and don’t add any flavors or smells

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Bottle Breacher Whiskey Bullets

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Product Description

These stainless steel bullets can be used to cool your whiskey, scotch, vodka, white whine, or any of your favorite beverages! Unlike ice, Whiskey Bullet chills your liquor without diluting the flavors. ADD ON a Revolver Cylinder Holster; anodized black aluminum cylinder manufactured to perfectly hold your Whiskey Bullets. Simply put the bullets in the cylinder and place in the freezer. Each drink is unique and you only get one shot, make it count.

Whiskey Bullets are sold one set at a time. If you wish to purchase more than one set, please add one a set at a time to your shopping cart.

** The Standard Black Box & Wood Box shape have changed to a cube vs. rectangle shown in product imagery. Updated images to come ** 

- Bring a mellow chill to the drink, cooling your spirit without diluting the flavors
- The Whiskey Bullet stays at the bottom of the glass
- Easy to clean and don’t add any flavors or smells
- The cube edges are rounded, preventing scratching
The bullets don’t add any flavors or smells
Not to mention, they look great in the glass!

- Wash before first use
- Place Bullets in freezer for 4 hours or more
- When ready, add 3-4 Bullets per drink and enjoy
To clean, rinse with warm water and air dry
Our suggested usage is 1 Whiskey Bullet per 1 oz of whiskey you pour - In the end it's all personal preference!

- Showcased in gift box with storage pouch.                                                                                                                                                                               - Upgrade your gift box to a Wood Gift Box (set of 6 only); the Cylinder Set comes with a Wood Gift Box
- Add on a Revolver Cylinder Holster that perfectly holds your Whiskey Bullets in the freezer
- If you add engraving, please choose font at checkout. If no font is chosen, Copperplate Bold will default. Please include personalization information in provided engraving box. Engraving includes up to 9 characters (including spaces) per Whiskey Bullet.
For example:
Bullet 1: #1 DAD
Bullet 2: GROOM
Bullet 3: LAST NAME

Please reference our shipping time frames & policies for more details.

Product Videos

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Product Reviews

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  1. Best Ice Substitute Ever!

    Posted by KEVIN FOGG on 4th Mar 2017

    Work Better Than Advertised!

  2. Cool as hell, great gift.

    Posted by S. Fulton on 2nd Mar 2017

    These are heavy, solid, and look like real bullets. I got a kick out of my Mom asking me why I was storing my bullets in the freezer! Functionally, I put 4 of them in my glass and they didn't seem to keep my moonshine chilled. But they look so cool, who cares. Watch out for that last drink, tip the glass too far and you may get a mouth full of steel (and some broken teeth)!

  3. Whiskey Bullets Great Gift

    Posted by EN on 26th Feb 2017

    I recently purchased the Whiskey Bullets for a gift and was extremely satisfied with the quality of the product. Will purchase for me as well well.

  4. A Grate Gift

    Posted by Mack Padgett on 15th Feb 2017

    I gave the whiskey bullets a good friend who enjoys his Scotch.
    His exact words after using this for the first time was (these are bad ass) some times i can get him to share . Keep up the good work.

  5. Gift on target!

    Posted by Daniel Lucht on 5th Feb 2017

    These bullets were the perfect gift for my good friend Dave who loves whiskey and America. I love giving Bottle Breacher products because they are always received with joy and appreciation for their quality, functionality and the veterans who make them. Thank you Bottle Breacher!

  6. Awesome!

    Posted by Ken on 5th Feb 2017

    Every year I buy gifts from bottle breacher for our SWAT teams Christmas party. This one was one of the best and most sought after. Each bullet is large enough to keep your drink at the perfect temp. For those who don't like diluted scotch, these are a must. Great product.

  7. Gorgeous

    Posted by Garry Vicze on 3rd Jan 2017

    Got the Whiskey bullets as a Christmas present for my Whiskey loving son. He loves the finer whiskeys and these are the perfect way to chill whiskey without diluting it. He was absolutely head over heels when he opened the package as well as amazed at the quality. Keep up the good work and let's get a greater variety of country flags or at least the Canadian flag. We're patriots too.
    Thank you very much, satisfied as always.

  8. It's better to give, than to receive.

    Posted by Sean on 22nd Dec 2016

    I've been somewhat of a frequent flyer to the Bottle Breacher website and products for a few years now and I've been looking at the Whiskey Bullets since Eli and his team dropped them on us. I recently bought the wood box set for a crayon eating friend of mine and he was so happy to get them, he about man-hugged the life out of me. These bullets have some weight behind them. They are solid like everything else from Bottle Breacher and the engraving option is clean, crisp, and makes them a little more personal. I highly recommend them to anyone remotely considering ordering. Be they for yourself, or a gift for an old crayon eater, you will not be disappointed.

  9. Great gift

    Posted by Jeff on 22nd Nov 2016

    I purchased 3 of these sets with custom engraving. All arrived with perfect engraving & in a distinctive wooden box. These were a huge hit. It was amazing to experience how cold these kept our drinks. Would highly recommend to any serious sipper! We absolutely love working with the Bottle Breacher team & doing our small part to support such a worthwhile cause.

  10. A Necessity for the Whisky Enthusiast's Aresenal

    Posted by Agent of Chaos on 17th Nov 2016

    These things are SOLID! These Whiskey Bullets are the perfect complement to your favorite Scotch, Bourbon or whisky of choice. Additionally, they look impressive as hell. These things are solid, heavy and built to last, we're talking a little over 2 ounces per bullet and about 1.25 pounds with all 6 in the optional holster. They feel considerably better than the stainless steel cubes I was using previously. They have no problem adding that chill to my drink without diluting it. The solid metal revolver holster is a nice touch as well which makes storing them in the freezer simple and easy. Mine even came in a nice little wooden box which was a very classy touch. With winter weather upon us, these things are going to be seeing plenty of use. If you want to enhance your whisky drinking experience, you need these.

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