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2017 New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s to the New Year and the voices from people that continue to inspire. The Huffington Post shares a great thread of New Year’s Resolutions from those who continue to amaze us with their grace. You will find their responses humble, heartfelt, and diverse as the amazing humans behind them:

Eli CraneFounder and CEO of Bottle Breacher – Be more bold walking in faith and striving to get outside my comfort zone in all aspects of my life. Make a bigger impact and be more of a blessing and inspiration to those in my life. Do a better job feeding the young men I mentor and making those relationships a bigger priority. Continue to grow my business and my brand and bring more jobs and manufacturing to my local community. Continue to use my platform to inspire patriotism, conservatism and an overall love for this country.

Barbara CorcoranBusinesswoman, investor, speaker, consultant, syndicated columnist, author, and television personality on Shark TankI’ve decided to put joy first and made a thoughtful list of all the people in my life I like best but don’t see often enough. I’ve set aside the first Monday night of every month to have them all to dinner. Groups of 6, only people who know how to laugh.
Sergio GarciaCo-founder of UR Business Network
My ongoing resolution is to keep my North Star. You may need to navigate and pivot, but knowing what your North Star is, will keep you on course.

Rosemary Farina Founder and CEO of Signature Staffing – 

I think my biggest new year’s resolution is to be open to the possibilities.When I look at my life a lot of unforeseen things have happened. I think being open to whatever comes one’s way can have unimaginable possibilities. If one can turn a situation into something positive regardless of its initial impact, a whole new world can appear.Taking Signature Staffing Inc., to new levels a willingness to not be afraid to try new and different ways of doing things. Just being open and trusting the universe.

Peter PalandjianCEO of Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation
My New Year’s resolution is to very consciously be “in the moment” and totally present in all meetings and in all conversations with people and in all interactions in general.
Angela PeriFounder and CEO of Boston Casting
My New Year’s Resolution for 2017 is to work as if its my first year in business! I want to reconnect with clients , come up with innovative ideas, and give the biz a fresh start! When your in biz for a few decades you forget how important it is to keep it “Fresh”.
Jim MorrisonJournalist
In 2017, I am resolved to try to make better use of my time. We don’t get very much of it on this earth and I want to use mine thoughtfully and purposefully. More facetime, less Facebook.
Geoff MeyersonFounder and CEO of Locust Walk
I resolve to think bigger than ever before. I realized that setting moderate and achievable goals leads to moderate and incremental results. If I shoot for some big goals, even over a longer time horizon, I have a greater probability of achieving them. Think big in 2017!
Lindsay ReillyFounder and CEO of Lindsay Tia
2017 is going to be a year for change. For 2017 one of my biggest goal’s is to experience new places, new people, more adventure, and just focusing on experiencing life. Working non-stop everyday you forget the beautiful places and people you can meet. This year I’m going to create memories! Life passes by so quickly and I’m going to do my best to enjoy life a little bit more.
Joe FitzpatrickCo-founder of New England Sports Village
To spend more time cultivating my spiritual life vs. My professional life.
Erik Søndergaard PoulsenCo-founder and CEO of Cortrium
10 minutes of meditation every day.

More contributions found on The Huffington Post.


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