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Beyond the Uniform | Elijah Crane: SEALs to ABC’s Shark Tank & Bottle Breacher

Bottle Breacher Found and CEO, Eli Crane, sat down with Justin Nassiri from Beyond the Uniform to discuss what it was like starting his own business while on Active Duty, how he decided to make the transition to civilian life and run Bottle Breacher, and how Shark Tank impacted his journey.

Eli’s goal was always to continue serving his country once he took off his uniform; Bottle Breacher has given him this opportunity. Eli is a Navy SEAL gone Entrepreneur. To get there, he faced many challenges, failing time and time again. His scrappiness, resilience, and need to provide for his family kept him going. In the interview, Eli touches on having to convince his wife, Jen, that they would sell Bottle Breachers for a living; although she may have thought he was perhaps around one too many explosions and that he may be a crazy, she supported him through and through, and helped him build the empire we know today. Listen to Beyond the Uniform’s interview with Eli and learn about Bottle Breacher’s journey to present day operations beyond the uniform. 

BTU: Elijah Crane: SEALs to ABC's Shark Tank & Bottle Breacher

BTU: Elijah Crane: SEALs to ABC's Shark Tank & Bottle Breacher

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