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Eli Crane is Quoted on the Sean Ryan Show- “He votes for what the people who voted for him…”

My husband purchased Bottle Breacher from Eli Crane and “the Sharks” Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban April 4, 2022 for me to “run” so I could leave corporate America and spend more time as a mother and wife. Well, ask my husband or kids how that’s worked out. The fact is that I have spent more time, with my husband, who also left corporate America figuring out how to make Bottle Breacher our own after following in the footsteps of now U.S. Congressman Eli Crane. You want to know why? I am not a badass Navy Seal – and though my husband is asked constantly if he is a Seal, he is not. ( Yes, thank you ladies – I know) Why I know, without a doubt that this was and is the right decision that my husband made for our family is simple – we are parents and patriots. Similar to Eli Crane on the Sean Ryan episode (link below) – you need to do what you say.

For those of you who know me best – sometimes that comes later than I had promised. I always say that I over-promise and under-deliver. But – at least I am authentic…? Right?

When you spend 20 years leading people getting feedback, giving feedback, having success, and seeing your people outshine and out grow you – you know when something is the right path in order to achieve what you set out to do. So what do those leaders all have in common that just know?

I know Bottle Breacher is the place where I will be able to raise my children as patriots will respect their country, show appreciation for their freedom and gratitude for those who sacrificed their lives for us as Americans. Why? I have boiled it down to the following phrases or whatever you want to call it while in my 20 years of corporate leadership.

1. Self-aware and genuine.

A truly authentic leader doesn’t have the time or the inclination to be anyone but themselves. They know who they are, they’re comfortable in their own skin, and they cultivate the best in those around them.

2. Lead with the heart.

Authentic leaders genuinely care for those they lead, and they aren’t afraid to show their emotions or vulnerabilities. They leverage an innate sense of empathy to connect on a much deeper and more personal level and to build lasting relationships that engender trust and confidence.

3. Inspire trust and faith.

Successful leadership is rooted in the ability to influence others. Authentic leaders build on the trust and confidence they inspire in others to forge effective teams capable of achieving success where other teams might fail. That leap of faith—the confidence to face down seemingly insurmountable obstacles—is the hallmark of authentic leadership.

4. Focused on the long-term.

Building successful teams isn’t a pickup game. It takes time and an investment in people. Authentic leaders inherently understand that successful team building comes from patience, talent management, and professional development, and they commit to the time required to achieve that success.

5. Disciplined and mission driven.

Authentic leaders play the long game, and they tend to strategize with a deep and abiding commitment to the mission, exhibiting the same discipline and patience they invest in building their teams. It’s never about power, money, or ego: authentic leaders pursue results because the mission always comes before self-interest.

What I have learned, is that when I don’t have a check book the size of Target’s or Chase Banks as I did back in my day…you have to make some changes to how you lead – let me know what thoughts you all have on what those changes might be – or if you think leading with the above traits can get you to where you want to be…

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