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Trust Your Gut, Be True To Yourself

We are all faced with tough decisions on a regular basis
where we could go left, right, stop or my personal favorite, plowing full speed
ahead. It’s easy to get discouraged and second guess yourself when you
are faced with criticism, pessimism or somebody trying to manipulate or strong
arm you. We all try our best to make […]

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Military Is The Best Entrepreneurship Training Program In America

Forbes contributor Mark L. Rockefeller recognizes Bottle Breacher as a thriving “vetrepreneurs” business. Vetrepreneurs do things differently. They apply lessons from military service to business. They unflinchingly handle risk. They rely on a tight-knit network of their fellow veterans for support and encouragement. And they understand perseverance like no other group of individuals in the country.
“The habits and […]

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Businesses That Give Back to Veterans

Bottle Breacher was among the 3 Businesses that were featured on Impact Flow, along with Starbucks: College Achievement and Walmart: Greenlight a Vet
Bottle Breacher is proud to give back to the military and veterans of our great country. In 2015, we were able to contribute to over 50 nonprofits! It is a mission and blessing here at Bottle Breacher to […]

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​Organic Growth, Good For Food, Better For Business

I will
admit I have never really cared too much about whether or not the foods I’m
eating were grown or raised organically.
I have always had the mentality that “I’ve been eating non organic
fruits and meats since I was a kid and I am just fine.” As a matter of fact, I often laugh at people
who […]

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PATRIOTIC PRIDE: “Never Forgotten” Series

The Bottle Breacher “Never Forgotten” series honors American heroes such as Navy SEALS Marc Lee, Patrick Feeks and Chris Kyle. Lee and Feeks were killed in combat operations overseas. Kyle was the sniper whose story was chronicled in his bestselling autobiography “American Sniper” and in the movie of the same name starring Bradley Cooper. He was murdered by a troubled […]

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Breaching the Shark Tank

Founder and CEO of Bottle Breacher, Eli Crane, shares 4 simple lessons on how to swim with the sharks and win in business. Eli knows what it takes to breach not only the highest pinnacles of success, but also how to breach the Shark Tank. His intense devotion to his family and to God, are the driving force […]

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Father’s Day Finesse

Eli Crane of Bottle Breacher dishes out an inspiring piece on how to juggle his business while being a supreme dad to two adorable girls. Family first is always a priority. A determined mindset and a healthy lifestyle are all factors for being the ultimate dad year round. This Father’s Day Eli was mentioned as #1 […]

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The Women of Bottle Breacher

‘+Nicole Mackey, Operations Manager+Jen Crane, Co-FounderBottle Breacher was delighted to share A Seat at the Table, with an interview and career piece from Jen Crane and Nicole Mackey, who are the Women of Bottle Breacher. It’s time for more women to join them in shaping today’s business world. Are you curious to know the leadership lessons learned from Mark […]

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Beginners Guide to New Product Development

Have you ever wanted to take one of
the many amazing, and revolutionary ideas you’ve conjured up and turn it into a
multi- million dollar products or business?
I get asked all the time, “What do you think about this idea?” or “What
should I do next?” “Where can I get a prototype made?” “Should I […]

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