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This is the first picture of us as business partners

I am going to speak freely here, as anyone who is going to get married, is married, or was married, can possibly relate or at least get a different perspective. Have you ever heard of the three ways to land yourself in a divorce? 1. Cheat 2. Build a house together 3. Business ownership, by acquiring or starting a business together. 

We chose door number 3, but we have no intention of landing ourselves in a divorce! On top of putting our children together from our previous marriages like the Brady Bunch (slightly smaller), we chose to go all-in and buy a business together, so not only do we spend our time in the evenings together, we also work together. It is a blessing and a curse, as we are deeply in love, we are passionate about our future, and we consider ourselves and our skills very complementary. On the flip side, we are both wired very differently and have very different perspectives. It’s been a roller coaster!

I can’t say that I haven’t had a few nights on the couch or the RV, or that things are picture perfect. I challenge those on social media gloating on how the other person is such a gem or is the perfect partner, as I truly think there is no such thing. There are times where the feng shui is perfect, and there are times where the interaction is in disarray.

We don’t have all the answers quite yet. We do however, hold common values and goals; 1. Be parents and patriots first, which means teach our kids to make good decisions, ask questions, and challenge the status quo, as well as honor and respect our country and those who have served. 2. Be successful to provide for our family and create a legacy. 3. Do what is right and when we do not, make it right. I would say that all of these are easier said than done. These values are what hold us together, even when times get tough.

I will say, it’s been nuts! I think the big take away so far from acquiring Bottle Breacher from Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary and now Congressman, Eli Crane and his wife, Jen Crane, is that in any venture you must give yourself and each other grace. We haven’t always done that. We’ve made a lot of mistakes. We can either dwell on these mistakes and get nowhere, or get the fuc!< over it and move forward! Most importantly, don’t forget what you are trying to accomplish for your family and for your community. 

Finally, the last piece of advice from a married couple who haven’t been in this venture very long, comes from my wife Amber…. Fail fast. When you fall flat on your face, pick yourself up and make it happen! Play the long game, and failure is not an option. WE WILL NOT LOSE.

-Mike Wall

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