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The Battle-Ready Power Pack



The Battle-Ready Power Pack



The Battle-Ready Power Pack, the ultimate arsenal of strength, resilience, and innovation, curated from the product offerings of three renowned veteran-founded Shark Tank companies – Bottle Breacher, Doc Spartan, and RuckPack. This power pack is designed to equip you with the tools you need to conquer any challenge and unleash your full potential.

Bottle Breacher, known for our iconic bullet-shaped bottle openers, brings rugged ingenuity to the Battle Ready Power Pack. Made from authentic decommissioned ammunition, these bottle openers blend functionality with a touch of badassery. Crack open your favorite beverage in style and let the world know you mean business.

From Doc Spartan, you’ll find their battle-tested natural healing products. These meticulously crafted items, born from the experience of military veterans, provide soothing relief and aid in your body’s recovery. Whether it’s their powerful healing balms, revitalizing skincare, or rejuvenating bath essentials, Doc Spartan ensures you’ll be ready to face any obstacle head-on. 

RuckPack adds the extra boost to keep you energized and focused during demanding missions. Their premium energy shots and supplements are scientifically formulated to provide sustained energy, mental clarity, and enhanced performance. With RuckPack’s cutting-edge formulations, you’ll power through challenges with unwavering determination. 

Together, the Battle Ready Power Pack unites the expertise of these three veteran-FOUNDED Shark Tank companies, delivering a comprehensive solution for those who seek the best. Whether you’re a relentless athlete, an unstoppable entrepreneur, or a go-getter on a mission, this power pack ensures you’re equipped with the finest products to face any battlefield, conquer any goal, and emerge victorious.

Prepare to unleash the warrior within with the Battle Ready Power Pack, the culmination of battle-tested excellence, veteran innovation, and unrivaled determination. It’s time to embrace the power of three, unlock your potential, and emerge triumphant in every endeavor.


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