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"whiskey patriot" (noun): a patriotic american who isn't afraid to show it

When our Constitution was drafted, there was an important component used.  It wasn't ink.  It was whiskey.  Our forefathers sipped while they drafted our founding principles. Today, we use whiskey to commemorate our relationship with the ideals and values our country was founded on.  You don't have to drink it - but we hope you respect its place in our history.

Do you believe in our founding principles?  Do you support our veterans and first responders?  Yes?  Then you're a Whiskey Patriot.  It's time to stand for America... and get this party started. 

For the first 30 days, all proceeds will be set aside in a fund for "moving expenses".  This will help pay for the travel of celebrities who promised to leave America for good if Trump were elected President.Assuming they changed their mind... we will instead use those funds to pay for wounded heroes to fly to Connecticut to be featured on Behind the Uniforms.