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Money, Love & Shark Tank: 3 Ways This Successful Couple Keeps It All Together

Posted by Mireya on

In an article posted by Forbes last week, Navy Seal Veteran Eli Crane and Wife/Co-Founder Jen Crane talk about their success with Bottle Breacher and how they went from running their business in a one car garage to where they are now.

"The two have translated what they learned in their military marriage into their business: You have to go all in. For the Cranes, their motto is something every entrepreneur can – and should – emulate; both in marriage and in business: Commit, Adapt, Overcome."

Read about their three tips here.

David Hogg Created a 5-Point Plan to End Gun Violence — Navy SEAL Swats It Down and Presents His Own

Eli Crane, a Navy SEAL Veteran and owner of Bottle Breacher, provided IJR a critique of Parkland activist David Hogg's five-point plan to stop gun violence and school shootings. That left some to ask Crane, “Well, what's your plan to stop something like a school shooting?”Being the father of two girls, Crane said his plan “isn't [...]

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Navy SEAL Rips Apart David Hogg's 5-Point Plan to Stop School Shootings

This week, Bottle Breacher founder & CEO, Eli Crane, took the liberty of addressing the 5-point plan of David Hogg to Independent Journal Review. Hogg's points are as follows: 1. CDC funding for research into gun violence 2. Universal background checks 3. Digitization of ATF records 4. High-capacity magazine ban 5. Assault weapons ban. When presenting [...]

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Getting married soon? Need the perfect gift? Bottle Breacher has you covered!Check out this article posted by Perfect Wedding Guide. Here you will learn all about Bottle Breacher and how you can incorporate these awesome products into your special day.“Perfect for your Groomsmen, Father of the Bride, Best Man, Ushers and Groom! Whether used for decorative [...]

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Downturn Triage Stop the Bleeding, Save Your Biz

"Fact: If you run businesses for long enough, you will experience a down turn down or two. Sometimes we call them rough patches or a drought but it basically means your business and your sales are headed in the wrong direction. It usually means you are not growing; you are doing the exact [...]

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Former Navy SEAL: Waterboarding, Sleep Deprivation: Just Another Day at the Office

Just days ago Eli Crane published an article on Breitbart News that made the front page! Former Navy SEAL, and now successful business owner, Eli Crane writes about the recent controversial topic regarding the "torture" techniques the military has been using for many many years. Eli explains here that he has actually gone through training that required he be [...]

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We Don’t Have A School Shooting Problem; We Have A Fatherlessness Problem

In an article recently published by NewBostonPost Eli Crane, Founder and CEO of Bottle Breacher explains his thoughts and reasons on why we continue to have mass shootings, and what is a huge common factor in the people committing these crimes. He explains that 26 our of the lsat 27 most deadly mass shooting were done [...]

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What I Learned About Ambition and Faith From A Navy SEAL Sniper

In a recent article published by New Boston Post, Kyle Reyes, marketing guru and creator of the Snowflake Test, reminisced on past experiences when he got to spend the day with founder and CEO of Bottle Breacher Eli Crane. "In my experience, people tend to give off a certain type of energy. Some good … some [...]

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American Made and Veteran or Mil Spouse Owned is More Than a Slogan

"Eli is clearly dedicated to holding up on his shoulders the veteran and mil spouse community that own businesses and are making a huge positive impact on our country. He has an amazing military history and history of founding and building with his wife a highly successful business" - Dwayne D. Paro, Huffington Post. In this article, Eli Crane discusses [...]

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The Power of Faith in Business

In a recent episode of The Suit Soldier Podcast, Eli Crane, prior service Navy SEAL and current business owner sits down and talks about his experiences and how he involves his faith in his business. Suit Soldier aims to bring in veterans who can help shed light on closing the gaps between suiting up for battle and [...]

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