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The Bottle Breacher Process

What most folks don’t realize is that our bottle openers are once-fired, decommissioned rounds of ammunition. Each round has a story, whether it was used in training or on the battlefield. What adds to the story is that here at Bottle Breacher, we manufacture the product from start to finish with multiple steps along the way. What companies do you know that not only manufacture the product, but sell to the end user, not to a distributor? Try and think of a few…. There are not many.

Our first step is to take the once-fired casing and reload it with a new projectile. We inspect the round to make sure there are minimal defects. From there, the round is loaded up onto a large tray to be machined with our patented notch that is used for opening your cold bottles. The rounds are then tumbled using abrasive media to deburr any shavings off of the notch, etc. They are rinsed, dried, and then transferred over to our powder coating unit.



In our powder coating unit, the bottle openers are prepped to ensure a clean surface for the powder coating process. They are powder coated in-house by a well-trained member of our team to ensure you receive the bottle opener with a beautiful, smooth finish that will last for a lifetime. Powder coating is an art and a science, as it relies on not only attention to detail, but a positive and negative charge for the coating process, as well as a proper curing process in a very large oven. After the bottle openers are cured and cooled, they are once again inspected before they head over to our engraving unit.

In our engraving unit, we have several laser engravers, and our well-trained staff engrave not only select logos, but personalize our bottle openers when requested by our customers. You would be amazed and entertained at the unique personalization requests! We have seen it all! From there, your bottle opener goes to our quality control (QC)/fulfillment unit.

During the QC process, your bottle opener is inspected, polished, and boxed up properly to ensure you receive that special gift in pristine condition. This is a critical part of the process, as we are focused on exceeding your expectations of quality and our team takes pride in making sure we get it right.

So…. after reading this we are guessing you have a different perspective of what we do here at Bottle Breacher. At least we hope so. We care about what we do, and it’s because we care about the person receiving that unique, meaningful gift for that special occasion.