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5 Entrepreneur Tips from ‘Shark Tank’ Navy SEAL

Former Navy SEAL walked into Shark Tank with a mission and a battle plan to get the sharks on board with taking Bottle Breacher to the next level. He showed them that this company had a story that needed to be told and a product too bad ass to not have in every home. From there, he was able to successfully make the transition from military to civilian life while helping other vets along the way. He shared his story and some useful tips for “vetrepreneurs” with

Starting with a few power tools in a one-car garage in military housing, Bottle Breacher has worked its way to being featured on Forbes’ Top 25 Veteran Owned Businesses list. It’s this journey that has taught Crane many lessons that he felt he could share with the veteran community in regards to the transition from the military to being a successful entrepreneur including: build a team, don’t count on anything from anyone, if you want to be an entrepreneur keep your day job but start a side hustle, resilience is the most important thing when exiting the service, and find a way to continue your service to this country. 

Eli firmly believes that if you want to be an entrepreneur, these tips are crucial to learn and implement becuase he’s had to learn and implement them himself. Having people around you that you can trust is pivotal when building a business and if you’re all willing to work hard, you’re going to crush it. He also knows that if you have the courage to fail and get back up again you will eventually become successful. He recommends you stay connected to your veteran brothers and sisters as well not just for networking and business but to continue your service and support of each other. 

To learn the details, check out the article on and, if you’re a veteran looking for a job as your transition, check out their resources from job postings, guides and other advice.

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