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Bottle Breachers for Anzio Beachhead Veterans Reunion

Back in May we produced a Corporate order of Brass Breachers for the 37th Reunion that was head for the Anzio Beachhead Veterans. 

We made sure to add a special touch and work very hard on these Breachers (not that we don’t with every order!). On the long of the Brass Breachers we engraved “Operation Shingle 1944” and on the opener side we engraved their slogan “Stand and Fight”. These Breachers came out great, and we are very honored to have created a special gift for the Anzio Beachhead Veterans. 

Here is what Marty, the coordinator of the reunion had to say about the Bottle Breachers: “We presented the veterans with them on the last night of their final reunion. They were a big hit and they all appreciated them.

Thank you for all your help and I never miss an opportunity to tell people about your company and the great service I received from you. Hope business has been good.”

We appreciate everything that all veterans and current active duty military personnel do for us and our country.  

Here are the great guys with their Bottle Breachers.

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