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Business Insider: How to nail a startup pitch and get lots of money from investors.

Bottle Breacher was featured in a Business Insider article “How to nail a startup pitch and get lots of money from investors, based on 380 pitches from ABC’s ‘Shark Tank'”

In case you aren’t sure what Shark Tank is… It is a reality TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to very successful investors.

Here are some tips and statistics Business Insider has on how to nail a pitch to the Sharks:

-Only 45% of pitches end up with a deal 

-Sharks invest in a company with sales

-85% of successful pitches were “product-based” businesses

-Food & Beverage and Household & Kitchen businesses were the two most popular

-Kevin O’Leary, “Mr. Wonderful”, is the most critical but most generous Shark along with Lori Greiner 

Business stated, “And who knows? You might get lucky like Eli Crane and his wife Jen, who are now making $2.5 million a year selling their custom bottle opener called Bottle Breacher. They had $500,000 in sales before going on the show.”

We are very grateful for Shark Tank and the Sharks who invested in us, Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban. We have grown so much since November when our episode aired; and we continue to expand and come out with new products.

Stay tuned…Once we get all of the final touches on everything thing we will be releasing our Bottle Breacher Wine Opener in a couple of months; and ourLink Ring will be released in several months.

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