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David Hogg Created a 5-Point Plan to End Gun Violence — Navy SEAL Swats It Down and Presents His Own

Eli Crane, a Navy SEAL Veteran and owner of Bottle Breacher, provided 
IJR a critique of Parkland activist David Hogg’s five-point plan to stop gun violence and school shootings. That left some to ask Crane, “Well, what’s your plan to stop something like a school shooting?”

Being the father of two girls, Crane said his plan “isn’t something I put out there lightly or with the intent to be sensational. Every time I do a threat assessment of a school with an emphasis on an active shooter, the primary thought process and mentality looks something like this.”

Read all about Eli’s plan and thought process 

“I pray that this epidemic is soon a distant memory. I also pray that if your school is another A-plus school with a D-minus security program that you have the courage to do something about it,” – Eli Crane 

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