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HuffPost Live Kevin O’Leary with Top-Earning Female Business Owners & CEO’s

“Shark Tank’s” Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary knows a thing or two about investing and says his best investments are companies run or co-owned by women. He joins HuffPost Live along with top-earning female entrepreneurs to share the secrets behind their success.

Sharing secrets behind their success is Jen Crane from Bottle Breacher @bottlebreacher, Sara Margulis CEO @Honeyfund, and Tracy Noonan─Founder, Wicked Good Cupcakes @wkdgoodcupcakes

These women were the Top earners in 2015, and are out-performing men.

The deals that had the most returned capital thus far, have all been run or co-owned by women. They have figured out a way to use the Shark Tank platform to do two things A) Get funded and B) Reduce their customer acquisition cost dramatically. The evidence of this success has been achieved in three simple steps:

1) Being exceptionally good at time management

2) Reducing risk, and volatility, by setting goals that their teams can achieve

3) Intuitively choosing a market that they can grow in

These are three indications that Kevin will be looking for in Season 7, as he sifts through the hundreds of thousands of applicants, looking for those who will have a proven track record for success. Kevin O’Leary states that he is not acknowledging that women are as good as men are, or better than men, but rather measured by the return of capital. This isn’t about equality, this is about supremacy. And these women are getting the job done!

Successful women, empower other women. As a woman, we have an innate ability to nurture others, inspire others, especially those that are employed in business; thus allowing for growth and better work ethic, and overall making business more successful as a whole. It is these kinds of traits that are pushing the limitations from the male/female perspective of conducting business. A second factor, these women are all running and co-running business via an online marketplace. Masterfully using the fact that women focus on similar business models that gear towards other women. At the end of the day, business is about taking risks, and getting the return on your investment. “Nothing fazes someone who believes they are good enough, you just have to take risks and get the job done,” says Sara Margulis when speaking out about being a woman in a male-based society of business. The future is raising the bar for more success to be seen from women. Results are what matter at the end of the day.

The key to running a good business is to Set goals that are achievable, wise words from Mr. Wonderful. Bottle Breacher delivers a plan of exceeding return, always striving to achieve the best in their working environment and giving back to the causes that hit home to our veterans. Eli is the visionary behind Bottle Breacher, and Jen is at the focal point of business management. In business, stability is everything. 

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