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I’ll See Your AR-15 and Raise You an Aircraft Carrier and Predator Drone

I’ll See Your AR-15 and Raise You an Aircraft Carrier and Predator Drone


I’ll See Your AR-15 and Raise You an Aircraft Carrier and Predator Drone

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Why is the most hotly debated issue today so foreign and misunderstood by so many. If you have no idea what I am referring to go directly to the most populated area in your city or town and start asking people what the Second Amendment says.

Stand by, you will hear a lot of uhhhs and ummms, and then a whole lot of “right to bear arms” talk.

The astounding thing is that if you ask 100 people this very question less than five of them will be able to tell you the most overlooked and important part—the overarching purpose.

Mysterious Amendment

The right to maintain “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” is the very first part of this shockingly, mysterious amendment. Yet readers and teachers gloss over the intro and head straight for the crowd favorite; you guessed it,“the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

I’ve been dumbfounded watching so many people call for modifying or abolishing the amendment altogether. So, I started asking everyone I knew, colleagues, friends, family and strangers if they were aware what the Second Amendment stood for and why it is so important.

I am disappointed to report that only a very small percentage were knowledgeable towards its underlining spirit. If you’re curious as to why this is so important, overlooked and misunderstood, you’re in luck. I’m about to explain.

Spirit Behind the Second Amendment

You need to go back to the creation of our nation to understand our founders rationale behind the ironic development of the Second Amendment.

It was no accident that our founders, unlike the framers of most governments, tried very hard to make sure their power was limited and leveled with checks and balances. They did this because they were tired of being oppressed and taxed without representation by the British.

After revolting, and a long drawn out Revolutionary War, our country was born. Our founders realized the only way for them to ensure that their children and future generations never fell under similar oppression and over-reaching rule was to grant private citizens the ability to maintain a well regulated militia with the right to bear arms.

In case you dozed off or still not following me, they did not grant us the right to maintain a well regulated militia so we could go out and hunt deer together. Moreover, it was not to organize a Neighborhood Watch to keep the cul-de-sac safe from burglars. They specifically included this provision so we could band together with firearms and overthrow a tyrannical, oppressive government should the need arise.

It is common to hear critics of the Second Amendment say, “That was a long time ago when the weapons were not as dangerous.” There is truth to this statement. Weaponry is far more advanced and lethal today than it was a few hundred years ago.

Nevertheless, when we revert back to the original intent—giving citizens the ability to check and defeat a tyrannical government—shouldn’t we ask if this is still possible? Shouldn’t we compare the expanding firepower gap between the government and private citizens then and now?

Weaponry Is Relevant

Around the formation of the Second Amendment the most commonly used weapons on both sides were very similar. They consisted primarily of muskets, swords and cannons. When you compare the weapons held by both the revolutionaries and British to the weaponry possessed by each side today, you will start to understand the modern relevance of the Second Amendment.

As a former Navy SEAL I have seen more than my fair share of modern military weaponry, from aircraft carriers, to nuclear submarines, B-52 bombers, predator drones and Abrams tanks, just to name a few.

Furthermore, I have been tasked with helping train other foreign revolutionaries to stand up to oppression and violence inflicted by superior weaponry in the hands of wicked men.

Protective Bubble of Ignorance

Unfortunately, most Americans live in a protective bubble. Consequently, they’ve been taught so little relevant history that they incorrectly see the Second Amendment as a safeguard for mass murder and a means for the NRA and gun manufacturers to enrich themselves.

I often wonder:

What if they had seen with their own eyes the oppression brought on by so many governments with superior firepower all over the globe in every generation. Would they still feel the same way? Would they feel the same way if they realized how outgunned today’s Revolutionary Army would be if we had to again fight for our liberty and freedom? Do they understand that the “assault rifle” they are so opposed to is the primary tool that guarantees the other amendments, like their right to free speech? Are they aware of how minuscule an AR-15 is in comparison to the modern day weaponry possessed by our government?

While I wonder, I also want people to understand.

Travel Back in Time

To appreciate the most misunderstood amendment you must close your eyes and travel back in time. You’re sitting at a table with Washington, Jefferson and the rest of our founders.

Imagine that you are exhausted from years of fighting and fear hanging by a rope in front of your peers in the town square due to treasonous acts against the British king.

Now imagine the smile that crosses your face when you envision your grandchildren playing tag in the front yard, and how you would give anything to make sure they never had to endure the sacrifice and death that has become so commonplace to you.

Dangerous Freedom or Peaceful Slavery?

While still back in time, would you be willing to sign your name on a document granting your grandchildren and their children the right to defend themselves should this newly created government lose its way? What if fledgling leaders forget their purpose is to represent the people and not the other way around?

Would you teach future generations to prefer dangerous freedom above peaceful slavery? Or would you abstain from granting these rights and just hope and pray that history doesn’t repeat itself?

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