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Men’s Health | Guys Who Prove Good People Still Exist

Eli Crane’s critics told him he could never start a company without experience in the business world. That didn’t stop the Navy SEAL from launching Bottle Breacher, which makes personalized bottle openers from once fired rounds of ammunition.

Crane built his business from his garage while on active duty. Today, he donates 100 percent of proceeds from certain openers to specific non-profits that help veterans, active military members, and their families.

And while some companies talk a big talk about hiring veterans, Crane knows how hard it can be for soldiers to find work after serving in the military. That’s why 25 percent of Bottle Breacher’s staff is made up of veterans. This goes to show that good people still exist in a world corrupted by chaos and war. But that’s only because bad guys hog all the headlines. If you look a little harder, you’ll find there are plenty of good men doing extraordinary things to help others.

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