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6 Thoughtful & Practical Military Christmas Gift Ideas

military Christmas Gift

Just when you think you have enough time to shop for Christmas, it’s already here. On top of it, coming up with unique and exciting gifts for veterans can be tricky. When it comes to choosing the best gifts for your patriotic friends and family, Bottle Breacher has got your six. In fact, here are six badass choices to add to your holiday shopping list:

.50 Caliber BMG Authentic Vintage Red


A .50 caliber round of ammunition is shot out of a Browning machine gun (BMG.) Also known as the M2 or “Ma Deuce,” the BMG is a heavy machine gun with a long legacy in the US military. Developed around the end of World War I, the M2 has seen serious action among infantry units, armored vehicles, and even aircraft. Bottle Breacher’s once-fired, decommissioned .50 caliber rounds of ammunition are handcrafted by veterans from start to finish in the USA. Wrapped in authentic vintage red, the opener features the American Flag above a patented notch for popping bottles. Impress your friends and family with this one-of-a-kind, kickass Christmas gift! 

R.E.D. Freedom Frag


While Bottle Breacher uses decommissioned rounds of ammunition to make bullet bottle openers, it may surprise some people that we can do the same for frags! Also known as hand grenades or fragmentation grenades, Bottle Breacher frags are the real deal, just without the dangerous, explosive elements. Each frag is unique, with noticeable imperfections, such as dents, divots, and elevated ridges. The symmetrical shape and smooth metal lever fit comfortably in your hand, making it a perfect tool for opening bottles. Even though it sports a killer look, the frag is hollowed out, leaving a patented cut at the bottom for popping bottle tops. 

Bottle Breacher’s R.E.D. (remember everyone deployed) Freedom Frag is fitting as a veteran Christmas gift or for anyone who wishes to pay tribute to the brave servicemen and women who fight to preserve our freedom. 


Patriotic Chick .50 Caliber Chrome Bottle Breacher


For the ladies in your life who love America, freedom, and the unwavering dedication of our armed forces in preserving that freedom, the Patriotic Chick .50 Cal Chrome Bottle Opener makes the perfect Christmas gift. Veterans handcraft the once-fired, decommissioned rounds of ammunition. Polished to a shiny chrome finish, the Patriotic Chick logo boldly displays her femininity and pride in the land of the free. With its “Raising Patriots” text, the Patriot Chick can be extra special for mothers during Christmas; they sacrifice so much for our country, and it’s important to acknowledge that.    

Vintage .50 Caliber Bottle Breacher


Unpolished, the Vintage .50 Caliber Bottle Breacher gives a rugged, old-school look to your impressive Christmas gift. Whether in training or on the battlefield, each once-fired, decommissioned round of ammunition tells a unique story of courage and sacrifice. With the Vintage .50 Caliber bullet bottle opener in your hand, you may find yourself going back in time, imagining earlier conflicts in the hallowed history of our armed forces, such as World War II. 

For military history buffs, the vintage bullet opener becomes a tangible reminder of the many generational sacrifices of our brave servicemen and women. You can customize the opener by engraving up to twenty-five characters in Stencil, Copperplate Bold, or Script fonts. 

30MM Bullet Bottle Opener in Old Glory Red


As the “mother of all breachers,” the 30mm Bullet Bottle Opener in Old Glory Red is a must-have for patriots during Christmas. 30mm bullets are shot out of an A-10 Warthog—one of the most lethal attack aircraft in the United States Air Force’s aresnal. The A-10 Warthog uses a GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon to fire its 30mm ammunition to great effect. Revered throughout the US military, the A-10 Warthog is instrumental in providing valuable air support for our troops.

As the largest bullet breacher in the Bottle Breacher arsenal, you’ll make a bold statement with your 30 mm bullet bottle opener as a Christmas gift for veterans.   

Vintage Punisher 20 MM Bottle Breacher


For Marvel fans and patriots, the Vintage Punisher 20 MM Bottle Breacher is the perfect gift for Christmas. Made in the USA from start to finish by kickass veterans, this bullet opener symbolizes resolve, grit, and strength. The shell casing and projectile are authentic, which will explain some pitting. Like several of our bottle breachers, the Vintage Punisher bottle opener can be engraved up to twenty-five characters, including spaces. Add a limited addition punisher gift box to enhance your unique gift. Take it a step further and have the gift box engraved, too!  Choose as many as three lines of text at twenty-five characters each. 

Made up of veterans and patriotic civilians, Bottle Breacher takes pride in its ability to create handcrafted, high-quality bottle openers from start to finish right here in America. Our process for developing our unique products is driven by the same qualities that make our armed forces second to none: integrity, determination, respect for our team, and the unquenchable pursuit of excellence. Beyond popping bottle tops, Bottle Breacher openers have a deeper meaning; they symbolize empowerment. When you display your breacher, you’re sending a message that you’re a patriot who supports our veterans and armed forces. We look forward to helping you give a remarkable, one-of-a-kind gift to those special patriots in your life this holiday season. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and X to learn more about our badass bottle openers.

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