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Military Is The Best Entrepreneurship Training Program In America

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Forbes contributor Mark L. Rockefeller recognizes Bottle Breacher as a thriving “vetrepreneurs” business. Vetrepreneurs do things differently. They apply lessons from military service to business. They unflinchingly handle risk. They rely on a tight-knit network of their fellow veterans for support and encouragement. And they understand perseverance like no other group of individuals in the country.

“The habits and practices of veteran entrepreneurs hold lessons for every business owner in the United States.” @markrockefeller

One organization has produced more business owners than any other single institution in the nation. It has a proven track record of teaching leadership, strategic planning, creative problem-solving, task execution, and resiliency—all traits essential to business ownership. It is not a fancy MBA or university program.

The organization is the United States military.

For many years, military veterans have become entrepreneurs at a much higher rate than non-veterans. Indeed, a shocking 49% of World War II veterans went on to own or operate their own businesses, according to a study from Syracuse University. Read on Why The Military Is The Best Entrepreneurship Training Program In America.

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