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Nantucket for Something Wonderful

Eli and I were invited to attend Kevin O’leary’s 1st CEO Summit Meeting over the 4th of July Weekend in Nantucket! The most amazing part of the weekend was attending Erica and Matt’s wedding, where Kevin himself conducted the beautiful ceremony and married the couple! We’ve all heard it on Shark Tank how Kevin offers to marry couples, well one was brave enough to take him up on the offer. It was a once in a life time pop up wedding in which even the attendants didn’t know what was happening. Everyone thought it was an engagement party for close family and friends.

Bottle Beacher provided the male attendants with 20mm Bottle Breacher’s and the ladies withEngraved Wood Coasters that matched the couples initials and date of the Wedding.Wicked Good Cupcakes provided the cake (in jars!) with their amazing take home wedding favors of delicious cupcakes! HoneyFund provided fun entertainment with a wedding photo booth along with a honeymoon fund of the attendants choosing! Everyone got to donate towards the couples honeymoon and chose where Erica and Matt went! We covered the wedding gift favors and fun so that the couple could enjoy their special surprise day! Congratulations Erica and Matt!

More on the Summit Meeting to come! Trust me… it will be “Something Wonderful!”

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