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Navy SEAL Vet Who Served With Dan Crenshaw: He Used SNL Joke to Show Solid Leadership

Earlier this week Eli Crane, founder and CEO of Bottle Breacher was interviewed by Townhall.

He gave his opinion and thoughts on the recent incident which included the joke that was made on SNL about Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw.

Crenshaw lost an eye to an IED while serving as a SEAL, and was made fun of on an episode of SNL.

 “I will admit the joke and tone were not the worst thing I have seen coming from a liberal ‘comedy’ show,” Crane told Townhall. “What bothers me is how far we have fallen that these jokes about the appearance of a war hero who almost lost his life and will forever be disfigured are making the production cut to be delivered to millions on national television.” – Crane

Crenshaw and Crane served together on SEAL Team 3 in Iraq. Since Eli knew Dan personally, it was not a surprise to him when he learned that Crenshaw went on Saturday Night Live. It was a great lesson to all on forgiveness and showed a great sense of positivity.

More on this topic and what Eli had to say here.  

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