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Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

Here at Bottle Breacher we take beer very seriously! This holiday season we will be sharing our best with you. We will prepare you for the best tasting beer to accompany your Bottle Breacher at any time during your Thanksgiving Day!

According to Brendan Woodcock, a Certified Cicerone (expert beerologists) “Beer is very forgiving,” he says, “and often successful pairings aren’t about exact matches of every flavor, but rather about versatility.”

beer and food are better together.

Fried Turkey + American IPA
For the Game + Whatever Your Heart Desires
For the Snacks + Lambic Beer
Cranberry Sauce + Berliner Weisse
For the Dinner + Saison Style Ales
Stuffing + Belgian Wit
Desserts + Milk Stout
Nightcap + American Double Imperial Stout

Pumpkin pie or pecan pie pairs nicely with a milk stout (aka sweet stout) and will offer an appropriate-sweet chocolatey counterpoint to your pecan and pumpkin pies. On its own, it overwhelms with sweet chocolate flavor, but with pecan or pumpkin pies, it creates a tasteful balance.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold one on your Thanksgiving Day with Bottle Breacher

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