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VETERAN VICES: Bottle Breacher

Last week, RECOILpublished an article on Bottle Breacher that
discusses our product and how we are growing as a company.

“Former Navy SEAL Eli Crane and his wife Jen
took a single product that they were producing in their garage—a bottle opener
made from spent .50 cal brass—and presented it on the high-stakes reality TV
show, Shark Tank.” 
product and the story Jen and Eli shared with the sharks was
intriguing and moving enough, that they ended up making a deal with two of
the investors. Since
then, Bottle Breacher has grown so much as a company. We started off making
bottle openers out of recycled .50 caliber bullets to making so many other cool
items such as keychains, tshirts, coozies, and much more. “The Bottle Breacher workforce is over 30%
veterans, and they are constantly searching out other veteran businesses to
promote or partner with.”

Bottle Breacher is proud to be doing
the work that is being done here, and especially proud of the work that is
being done with Veterans! 
More on this story at RECOIL.

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