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We Don’t Have A School Shooting Problem; We Have A Fatherlessness Problem

In an article recently published by NewBostonPost Eli Crane, Founder and CEO of Bottle Breacher explains his thoughts and reasons on why we continue to have mass shootings, and what is a huge common factor in the people committing these crimes. He explains that 26 our of the lsat 27 most deadly mass shooting were done by boys without fathers. This isn’t a coincidence. It’s more like a smoking gun. 

“I personally don’t believe that there is one black-and-white answer. I do, however, believe that one of the biggest and most important reasons we continue to see this breed of unprovoked and unnecessary violence is largely being overlooked: We have a masculine initiation crisis caused by a lack of strong and present fathers in this country.” – Eli Crane

Eli discusses this statistic and more in his Latest NewBostonPost Article

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