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What Have You Done For Me Lately???

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy developing our new line of products for 2017 and doing everything in my power to promote and grow our young company. I like to tell people I’m keeping my foot on the gas. Many people will make the claim that business is war. I absolutely agree. Unlike most of them who have never been shot at or been in combat, this comparison comes very natural to me. It’s because of my time in the SEAL teams that I approach business the way I do. I believe that staying on the offensive and moving with lightning speed is the only way to operate. In 2017, we have launched several new products to include several new Never Forgotten Breachers, our Pineapple Freedom Frag, and most recently our new Breacher Baseball. We are also working on at least five more new products. As many of you can relate to in your professional careers, many top performing organizations operate with the “what have you done for me lately” mentality. You hit your sales goal last month, great. You just got back from a successful deployment? That’s great. Now get back out there and do it better.

I wanted to write this blog because someone very close to our business told Jen, my wife and business partner something that took us both a little off guard. We were at a speaking event in New Orleans this last week and we were aloud to pass out coupons to the attendees at the conference. As one group was clearing out and the next group was lined up and ready to come hear Kevin O’Leary and several other Shark Tank success stories speak, Jen was hustling around in her dress and high heels making sure every seat in the auditorium had a Bottle Breacher coupon on the chair. A man, who we hold in very high regard stated to Jen, “why are you hurrying around passing out cards, You’ve made it!”. Now I know that his intention was to pay her a compliment. I also know that he meant that we were one of the most successful companies at the conference and that she should relax a little. She quickly pointed out to him that the never ending hustle is what got us here and she wasn’t about to stop. I couldn’t agree with her more and I operate the same way. When we got back to our hotel room we discussed it and shared a little appreciation for each other and were happy that we were both in agreement about what it takes to be successful and more importantly that we were both willing to make the sacrifice.

What Have You Done For Me Lately

Many people have enjoyed temporary success. Very few are able to hold onto it. It’s important to reflect on the past and briefly enjoy those special moments. After that it is very important to quickly realize that there are many hungry competitors chomping at the bit for what you have worked so hard for. Stay hungry, Stay humble and work like people are trying to take it all away from you. Do this and you stand a very good chance of not only maintaining but also building onto the success you currently enjoy.


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