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Yuma-raised veteran served under ‘American Sniper’ and then finds success

“One Yuma-raised Veteran joined became a Navy SEAL, serving under the American Sniper, and then went on to make millions in profit selling bottle openers.”

Eli Crane is the founder and CEO of Bottle Breacher, where he has been very successful. This Navy Seal Veteran’s story starts many years ago when he was first introduced to the military.

“My parents would always introduce us to men and women who were in the Marine Corp. and I just remember watching how they carried themselves and how they treated other people and how other people treated them. I also loved the fact that they were engaged and involved in something that was much bigger than themselves. I always really loved that because my parents taught me from a young age that freedom isn’t free and that somebody has to fight for it,” explains Crane in an article published by KYMA .

Crane fought for our freedom and trained under Chris Kyle ‘The American Sniper’. 

He learned so much during this time of his life, and has used many of the lessons and qualities towards his new goals in being a business owner.

For more on where Eli Crane got the idea to open up his own business and how he got to where he is now check out the article here


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