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2016 Bottle Breacher Donations

Bottle Breacher donated to over 200 nonprofits in 2016

Giving back to non-profits, military, and Veterans is very important to Bottle Breacher as a business. Because
of your efforts this year, Bottle Breacher 2016 Donations has had its most
successful year yet! Thank you all for sharing and supporting our Veteran owned
business with your network of organizations. We could not be more grateful to
hear the wonderful feedback and photos from your events featuring donations from Bottle

The money raised last year allows others to support their causes or charities that are close to home in their community. Your support makes the world of difference in keeping the spark alive for many nonprofits, businesses, and families. We look forward to giving back even more in 2017 and hope to see Bottle Breacher at one of your next events!

Would you like a donation for a silent or live auction?

Do you work for a nonprofit or have a special cause in need? Please email:

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