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Bottle Breacher Holster

Bottle Breacher makes the statement of tribute and
satisfaction of opening your cold one in style and the Breacher Holster allows the Wine
and Bottle Breacher to be showcased proudly anywhere
in your home! Manufactured for
versatility and functionality, each holster comes equipped with a magnet
industrial grade adhesive. Slap it onto your refrigerator or use the set
holes to screw it into the perfect spot.

Do not allow the Bottle Breacher or Wine
to go unnoticed in your junk drawer! I constantly see
people putting their bottle openers back into a drawer… The Breacher Holster allows you to have your Bottle Breacher out on display at all
times. Display on your
refrigerator, walls, wood beam, grilling area, or man cave to keep your Breacher where
you need it most, Near your beer! It is available in Stainless Steel
or Black MILSPEC Powder Coated.

The obvious necessity
for every Breacher owner’s home, pick one out, and breacher up!


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