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Introducing the Wine Bottle Breacher

We are very
excited for the
Wine Breacher to be officially on the market!

Impress your loved one this holiday
season with the multifunctional .50 Caliber Brass Wine Bottle Breacher! Our signature gift box made from
unfinished pinewood is available to add for a unique gift giving experience. Making it a perfect gift for your spouse,
loved one back home, secret Santa, or corporate gift giving.

The Wine Bottle Breacher is a .50 caliber
breacher, with added retractable corkscrew that seamlessly folds inside of a
.50 caliber brass bullet. The round is fashioned with a pivotal leverage bar
that will allow all customers to open bottles of wine with ease, as well as
beer! The
Bottle Breacher Wine Opener
is for the wine connoisseur and novice alike. The 2 in 1 design is functional
and sophisticated for collectors of all things unique. Every man will want one in reach and every woman will want a man who has one.

At Bottle
Breacher, it is very important to us to honor our commitment to manufacture in the United States. We searched high and low for the correct
manufacturer, and after 7 months, we finally found what we were looking for, someone who believes in the product as much as we do and
someone who could deliver the high quality results. Looking back, we are glad that
we did not give in to the external pressures in order to complete the project
without being 100% satisfied. The process of manufacturing in the United States has been well worth
the wait, as the
Bottle Breacher Company stays committed to the American
system of value. We
fully believe at Bottle Breacher that manufacturing in the USA is the right
thing to do.We will continue to do so
in the future and employ as many veterans as we can.

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