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Bottle Breacher Update | Shark Tank Podcast

If you really want to get a sense of the mission of this business, how it has exploded, and what other entrepreneurs can learn from the experience…you need to listen to this episode of the
SHARK TANK PODCAST. Elijah Crane combined the two things guys love─ Beer and Guns! Adding a pinch of Mr. Wonderful, a dash of Mark Cuban…and the rest is history.

Tj Hale hosted a great feed of information of Bottle Breachers’ backstory. 

Shark Tank Updates

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Guess how many ideas it took Eli Crane to craft the business concept─Bottle Breacher. 

What book inspired Eli to make the bold move to be a Shark Tank contestant?

Want to know how Jen shaped the foundation of Bottle Breacher on Etsy?

2.5 million dollars as of their first update and 5 million on their most recent update in October 2015. BOOM. Bottle Breacher is now reinvesting in the business, hiring more employees and veterans to keep up with the demand of their product. There are no other bullets on the market that can compare to the quality of Bottle Breacher.

I tip my hat to Eli & Jen for the great work they are doing. I hope you enjoy their story as much as I did.

                                                                                       About the Author


TJ Hale is host of the popular “Shark Tank Podcast” 

where he interviews entrepreneurs from the show, 

casting directors and producers, the SHARKS themselves, 

and also real-life entrepreneurs.

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