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Celebration of Mothers and Women in Business

There’s an old adage that says, “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy mother.” They’re so advanced at managing their time—raising a family, taking care of kids, and doing something else in addition to that, like running a business. It’s not just motherhood that helps women be better business leaders though. It’s women’s approach to business goals. They take less risk, they are more goal-orientated, and if they say, ‘I am going to expand capacity’ or ‘we’re going to increase distribution in the next quarter’, they deliver. Kevin O’Leary for the Huffington Post

Kevin asked the most successful female entrepreneurs to share some of the obstacles they’ve experienced and learned to overcome in business to achieve success. Here is what Jen Crane of Bottle Breacher had to say: 

Jen Crane, Co-Owner ofBottle Breacher

The biggest obstacle I’ve experienced being a women entrepreneur is learning how to balance being a Mom and co-running a company. I’ve overcome this by putting my daughters’ schedules first, and then finding a way to balance work around it. I volunteer once a week in class, attend choir concerts, and I’m at home for breakfast and dinner.

It’s not easy and I work odd, long hours most days. Once the kids are in bed I usually have to hop on my laptop for hours, but I learned the hard way that if I don’t put my daughters first I’m not going to be happy overall.

The simple things in life propel me: friends, family, and success in my job. This is why I love being an entrepreneur. I make my own hours, set my own meetings, and at the end of the day I get more done than I ever have working at a traditional 9-5 job because I’m able to control my week. I get to see my kids grow and co-run Bottle Breacher all at the same time.

In Celebration of Mothers and Women in Business, we honor all the mothers and women in business who make the greatest sacrifice of taking on the role of motherhood, they have an unstoppable and determined approach to life, business, and the greater good of their family. Happy Mother’s Day!

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