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Critics Say Bring Border Troops Home for Thanksgiving. This Navy SEAL Veteran Says It’s Part of the Job

As the deployment of active-duty military members to the U.S.-Mexico border continues, many people are talking about and sharing their opinions on bringing our troops home for Thanksgiving. 

In an article published by Townhall, Eli Crane who is a Navy Seal Veteran with three deployments to Iraq and now CEO of Bottle Breacher shared his thoughts on this.

“When I see civilians and commentators criticizing the troop deployment to the border and discussing how it’s just a political move and unnecessary for our troops to be deployed for this during the holidays it reminds me exactly why I joined the military in the first place,” Crane told Townhall.

“To protect, especially those who don’t know any better, from foreign and domestic threats. Our borders are a big deal, protecting our citizens from thousands of foreigners who showed their true character by busting through Mexico’s southern border and assaulting Mexican police cannot be taken lightly,” he explained. “These same commentators also fail to realize that the precedent set here is actually more important than what happens to this wave seeking to enter our country. It’s a couple thousand today, it’s 20,000 tomorrow.”

While Eli understands the frustrations of being away from home during the holidays, he also understands that the possibility of being away during times like this is a part of the job which he signed up for.

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