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Navy SEAL Vet Was Disappointed But Not Surprised Media Attacked Service Members Over MAGA Hats

Bottle Breacher CEO Eli Crane talked to Townhall about recent coverage of President Trump and the First Lady signing “Make America Great Again” hats on an overseas trip.

Many worried these soldiers had violated Department of Defense policies regulating service members actions with partisan politics. Eli said, “As a veteran, I’m always very happy to see our presidents, regardless of party affiliation head down range and visit our deployed service members,” Crane said. “It means a little bit more when they take the trip during the holidays and experience a brief stint of the sacrifice that we feel for many months at a time away from our friends and family.”

Crane says he is disappointed but not surprised that the media raised questions of whether or not the soldiers were violating military rules reminding the public that “[service members] put on those uniforms and head down range to protect our national security… They do n’t care who you voted for, where you come from, what color you are or whom you pray to. They fight for us all.” 

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