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Father’s Day Gift Guide | Breacher Up!

The Loadout Room has chosen their favorite Father’s Day Gift Guide item: the Bottle Breacher. With our large selection of badass gifts to choose from, there’s a 100% chance that you will be the envy of your siblings if you get your dad a Bottle Breacher. 

If your dad is anything like mine, he loves grilling, talking trash, and throwing back a cold one–preferably all at the same time. Much to my dismay, he buys about everything he wants himself…until now. Bottle Breacher has the gift solution you and I have been looking for to best suit Dad on the day that celebrates him! Turns out, the Loadout Room agrees with us. If you’re looking for something he’s sure to love, you’ve found it. If he has a .50 cal, check out our Freedom Frags, Baseball Breacher or even BBQ Tools (yes, they open your beer)! Because nothing say’s “I love you, Dad” quite like handing him his favorite six pack and the best tool to breach it. Satisfaction guaranteed by the Loadout Room and Bottle Breacher. #BreacherUp

Take a look at what The Loadout Room recommends for your Dad!

Father's Day Gift

Father's Day Frag

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