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National Day of the Deployed. What it is and what it means to me.

Day of the Deployed is a day to honor our deployed troops and their families for the bravery and sacrifice they are making for our country. Supporters of the military are urged to get personally involved in activities that send care packages, offer messages of encouragement, and other morale-boosting activities to those currently deployed overseas and the military families of the deployed.

Ways to Honor Military Families of the Deployed:

  • Prepare a dinner for the family on or near October 26, or anytime really
  • Invite the family to a party, BBQ or dinner.
  • Assist with minor inconveniences and household tasks.
  • Lend your time and skill. Handy? Fix a leaky faucet or broken fence.
  • Deliver groceries, baked goodies or a care package for the spouse or kids. If you wish to remain anonymous leave it at their doorstep.
  • Babysit! A military spouse has the role of two parents. Give them some me time or the opportunity to run errands.

Being deployed can be a lot of things. For me it was an opportunity to get in the game and utilize the skills and training we had received for the last 18 months and make what we hoped would be a positive impact on those we intended to help and a devastating period for those we intended to harm. It was also a time of reflection on how good we all have it just to live in America. A time to question our motivations and reasons to sacrifice priceless time with our loved ones to serve a greater good. It was a time of laughter, anticipation, fear and at times devastating loss. I think most of all deployment is the best reminder to live for today because tomorrow is not a guarantee.

Eli Crane, SO1 SEAL 

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