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Navy SEAL Explains Exactly Why Many Americans and Veterans Disagree With National Anthem Protests

It’s no secret that protesting during the National Anthem has been a huge topic of discussion for the last year or so. Many sports members have decided to take a knee instead of standing during the National Anthem. Of course, this sparked huge controversy, and many people were very upset when this started happening.

As the 2018 football season approaches, the topic again gaining traction. One teams’ coach has even come forward making it clear that his team will be standing for the Anthem. Eli Crane, Navy Seal Veteran and CEO of Bottle Breacher indicated to IJR that the “love he had for the country had won over the love he had for the game”. 

“After hearing the news that many NFL players are thinking about new ways to protest during the national anthem, I know that I am not alone when I say I am so over the NFL and don’t care if I ever watch another game. Thirty years ago, I doubt anyone would have ever predicted my level of disgust with the game I have loved my entire life, seeing as how I was addicted to the sport for most of my life. 

I’ll never forget the feeling of being the only kid wearing a Broncos jersey after three major Super Bowl letdowns. Two-a-day practices in my hometown of Yuma, Arizona, often the hottest place in the country, taught me a thing or two about mental toughness and teamwork.” – Eli Crane 

People taking a knee has caused a lot of hurt and upset especially for those who have served and have the connection they do with the American Flag. The disrespect they feel is unimaginable. Having fought for our freedom of speech, many Americans will not tolerate these outbursts any longer. 

“The pain of seeing players protesting while the flag was on the field — the same flag that had been draped over friends’ caskets — was what made Crane stop watching games.” 

More on this topic and what Eli has to say about this here. 


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