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Bottle Breacher Owners and VP visit Fox & Friends for National Hire a Veteran Day

In celebration of National Hire a Veteran Day, Bottle Breacher took a trip to New York City to join Fox & Friends as they recognize a handful of companies whose missions involve giving back to and hiring Veterans. Bottle Breacher Owners and Vice President were able to be on set to touch on our in house initiatives regarding the subject.

While on set, Eli was able to elaborate on our 25% Veteran-hire rate and our Veteran oriented line, Long Live the Veteran Brotherhood. With this line, we aim to support Veterans who lift one another up and focus on being a strong community. Veterans should not stop their serve to one another once the uniform comes off, but continue to help their fellow comrades throughout their lives. We are so happy to be able to share in this community and honored to have been able to participate in this great Fox & Friends segment!

When looking to hire, never overlook a Veteran. Their skills translate over to the civilian sector more than many companies realize. While he or she may not have a background in your industry, Veterans are quick to learn and always up for a challenge to answer the call.

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