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Navy SEAL Tears Apart Gov. Cuomo After He Bashed America as Never Being That Great

Just yesterday, IJR posted an article about a topic of discussion that has been popular for the last week: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated America could never be great again because America “was never that great.”

Eli Crane, founder and CEO of Bottle Breacher shared his thoughts on this and why it bothered him. Eli, former Navy Seal, says he was very disappointed. 

“Honestly, I believe his very comments prove once again just how great this country really is…You can freely say just about anything as false, ignorant and stupid as Governor Cuomo’s comments with the only consequences being a PR nightmare or public criticism,” he elaborated. “You won’t be thrown in the slammer or receive 50 lashes like you might under several tyrannical regimes around the world.” 

In regards to the controversial words from Governor Cuomo, Eli continues on, “Whenever I hear comments like these, I often think to myself, ‘If we aren’t great, then who the hell is?…Show me another country that has created more wealth in such a short period of time. Or a country that developed more innovation like the light bulb, GPS, the airplane, the internet and the Bottle Breacher to name a few.” – Eli Crane

More on Cranes thoughts and perspective here.

Navy SEAL Bashes Cuomo

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