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New Year’s Gift Basket Ideas: Ring in the New Year with Bottle Breacher

Grinch Frag Grenade bottle opener made by Bottle Breacher

As we put another year in the books, it’s time to reflect on the highs and lows of 2023 and wipe the slate clean. With a new year comes a fresh start and a chance to embrace new and exciting opportunities. Help your friends and loved ones celebrate a new beginning in style with some awesome, one-of-a-kind patriotic products from Bottle Breacher!  

Grinch Frag

“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch!” If you have a Grinch in your midst, the Grinch Frag is a perfect addition to your New Year’s gift basket. Frag is military slang for fragmentation grenade. Also known as a hand grenade, Bottle Breacher frags have all the look of impending destruction, but much like the Grinch, they’re really rather harmless. While no explosive elements reside in these badass frags, they can still help you ring in the New Year with a bang. The hollowed-out frag has a notch in the bottom for popping bottle tops. 

Cigar Holder 

For the cigar connoisseur/aficionado in your circle of loved ones, the Bottle Breacher Cigar Holder is a nice way to support their chill time. While used for many applications, the 20mm bullets were once-fired out of an M61 Vulcan, a six-barrel, Gatling-style rotary cannon used on an AC-130 aircraft. The 20mm casing has been repurposed to offer your loved one a rest for that fatty cigar or as a tray for cigarettes. To make it extra special, have it engraved with personalized text and include a display box. 

American Flag Bullet Bottle Opener

Even though you’re about to ring in a new year, there’s no reason you can’t go vintage with your gift-giving. The American Flag bullet bottle opener pairs perfectly with the “old-school” style of your loved one. Unpolished and unapologetic in its raw form, this .50 caliber once-fired, decommissioned round proudly presents the American flag. You can also choose to go with no logo and let the bullet speak for itself. Highly customizable, you can honor your loved one with engraved text in countless ways. 

30MM Bullet Bottle Opener

Start the New Year off right. If you’re ready to go big, you want the 30MM bullet bottle opener. As the largest bullet in the Bottle Breacher arsenal, it’s the “mother of all breachers.” 

These bad boys are shot out of an A-10 Warthog—one of the most lethal attack aircraft in the US military’s aresnal. The A-10 brandishes a GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon, which rapidly fires high-powered 30mm rounds. Wrapped in Old Glory Blue, the dominating presence of this bullet opener is a great choice for that “larger-than-life” loved one. 

20MM Bullet Bottle Breacher

The 20mm bullet bottle breacher may hit the mark for the movie buff in your circle. A staple of 80s nostalgia, the F-14 Tomcat made famous in “Top Gun” utilizes 20mm bullets to take out targets at close range. The once-fired, decommissioned bullets are now available in several incredible designs. Choose from black, brass, or vintage. You can add one of five logos: Deer, American Flag, Firefighter, Police, or Skull American Flag. Want to make it more personal? No problem! Just choose the engraving option. 

20MM Holster

A 20mm Holster can give your gift recipient versatility with their 20mm bullet bottle breacher. Whether they like organization and practicality or simply want to give their bullet bottle opener a unique display, the holster can make it happen. Help your loved one keep their kickass bullet opener out of the junk drawer by elevating it to its own special spot. The holster can be secured by screwing it into the wall. Whether they want it in their special mancave, in the kitchen, or out on the patio, they’ll always have their bullet opener ready. 

Bottle Breacher Coozies

When your loved one enjoys brews, they could always use extra support. Why not add Bottle Breacher Coozies to your New Year’s gift basket? Coozies are insulated sleeves that help keep beverages nice and cool while giving the user a firm grip. The stylish Bottle Breacher coozies are made from faux leather and are great for cans or bottles. Choose from several awesome logos, such as Dads Against Boyfriends, Deplorables, or Trident American Flag. As with so many Bottle Breacher products, you can add a personal engraving, too! The coozies come in a set of four.

Custom Logo Wood Coasters

Whether out on the patio, in the mancave, or in the dining room, help your loved one keep their surfaces free of ring marks in the new year. Bottle Breacher’s Custom Logo Wood Coasters are 0.5” – 0.7” thick, bark-on-pine wooden coasters. The coasters are naturally dried and sanded for a nice, smooth finish and presented as a set of four. The rustic pine adds a nice touch of nature to your brew time. Customize them by sending Bottle Breacher your custom artwork or special logo. We’ll add them to the coasters!

Bottle Breacher’s openers are more than bottle-top poppers; they’re symbols of empowerment. As we start a new year, what better way to face the exciting challenges ahead than with the encouragement to breach our personal limits? Gifting a badass breacher helps the people in your life proudly express their patriotism, look ahead to new horizons, and take the bull by the horns. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and X to learn more about our badass bottle openers!

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