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What Purposes Can a Bullet Bottle Opener Serve?

Freedom Beer Openers

Bullet bottle openers are very different from your average bottle opener. While normal bottle openers are mass-produced to do nothing more than pop open a bottle top, bullet bottle openers carry with them the story of our very freedom and what it means to be an American. Each bullet bottle opener is a once-fired, decommissioned round of ammunition. Whether in training or on the battlefield, each casing has a history. The Bottle Breacher team comprises veterans and patriotic Americans who manufacture every single bullet bottle opener right here in the US. Bullet bottle openers serve several meaningful purposes, whether as a gift, a sacred reminder, or an addition to a man cave. 

Bottle Opener

The most obvious use for a bullet bottle opener is to open bottle tops. After the once-fired casing is reloaded with a new projectile, it receives our patented notch near the bottom of the round. The special notch is designed to withstand repeated use. Whether our 30mm, 20mm, or 50 cal rounds, each opener is built to get the job done. One kickass example is our .50 Caliber Red American Flag bullet bottle breacher. 

Conversation Starter

Seeing a bullet bottle opener can be an awe-inspiring experience for many people. After all, it isn’t often you see a bullet being used to pop a brew! As a somber reminder of the price of freedom, your bullet bottle breacher can inspire meaningful conversation about what it means to serve in one of our great military branches. Bullet bottle openers don’t just open bottles—they breach them. Likewise, they symbolize the breaching of walls between civilian and military life. The experience of holding a bullet bottle opener in hand can help civilians find a new appreciation for the sacrifices of our brave servicemen and women. Each bullet can be personalized with logos and engravings to add even more weight and importance to a bullet bottle opener. 

Thoughtful Gifts

For the veteran or patriotic American in your life, bullet bottle openers can be a thoughtful gift. They can be customized in several ways. Whether your intended recipient is an EMT, firefighter, border patol, police officer, or has a connection to one of our elite military branches, your special bullet bottle opener can be designed with a logo to match. Adding their name, dates of service, or a sacred motto can be a touching way to show your respect and appreciation for the service they provide or have provided for our country. Bullet bottle openers empower patriotic Americans to express their love and support. 

Collector’s Item

Our unique bullet bottle openers can be presented in a special gift box to help preserve your opener as a cherished collector’s item. For instance, our Vintage 20MM Punisher Bottle Breacher comes in a Limited Edition gift box that displays the Punisher logo on a cool rustic box. You can also choose to display the opener next to the box in a prominent location if you’re looking for that “wow factor.” You can create an impressive collection of bullet bottle openers with our wide range of designs. 

Home Decor


Bullet Bottle openers can make an awesome addition to your home decor. With a Bottle Breacher .50 caliber holster, you can display your .50 cal bottle breacher just about anywhere. Some killer locations include your kitchen, mancave, garage, or even a patio. If you prefer a 20mm or a 30mm bullet bottle opener, they can make a handsome addition to any bookcase, desk, coffee table, or shelf of your choosing. For added reverence, you can choose to encase your bullet bottle opener inside a glass dome!

Explore our Variety of Bullet Bottle Openers

When holding a once-fired, decommissioned round of ammunition, you’re holding a piece of American history. As the “mother of all breachers,” our 30mm bullet bottle openers are comprised of casings that have been shot out of a GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon on an A-10 Warthog—one of the most formidable fixed-winged aircraft in the US military arsenal. Our 20mm bullet bottle openers are notorious for their casings being shot out of such weaponry as an F-14 Tomcat—the same aircraft made famous by Tom Cruise in “Top Gun.” The .50 caliber rounds we use for our bullet bottle breachers are fired out of a Browning machine gun (BMG). Also known as the M2 or “Ma Deuce,” the BMG has a rich legacy in the US military. .50 cals have seen action in several US theaters of war since World War I. All of our kickass bullet bottle openers come in a wide range of designs and colors. Want to have it engraved? No problem! We can help you customize your unique breacher. 

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