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Bottle Breacher .50 Caliber Holster



SKU: 65ded5353c5e-9841
Bottle Breacher .50 Caliber Holster



BOTTLE BREACHER .50 CALIBER HOLSTER – The Bottle Breacher was always intended to be proudly displayed! No more Junk drawer… display the Bottle Breacher .50 Caliber Holster on your Fridge or screw into your wall, wood beam, grilling area, or Man Cave to keep your Bottle Breacher where you need it most — near your beer!- Each .50 caliber bottle opener holster contains a magnet with industrial grade adhesive and 2 screws for your choice of easy installation. Bottle Breacher not included. ORDERING PROCESS: The .50 caliber Holster is available in an anodized Black finish only.   SHIPPING TIMES Please reference our shipping time frames & policies for more details.   MADE IN THE USA

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Dimensions 3 × 10 × 6 in


  1. debra jones (verified owner)

    great product
    Love the holster! Great way to showcase our Breacher!

  2. Dawn (verified owner)

    Great Product!!
    We ordered the bottle breacher for my son’s groomsmen, fathers (bride and groom) and grandfathers (bride and groom). They all absolutely loved then. My son and most of his groomsmen are in the Army and all deployed together, so the bottle breacher had some sentiment to them. I have also ordered my daughter’s the pink bottle breacher and they love them. Just received my holsters today and it is a great way to show them off. Thank you for all the items and I am sure I will be ordering more!!

  3. Kimbrough (verified owner)

    Excellent holder!
    Best bottle opener on planet earth needs a sweet place to rest when not in use; the breacher holster. Works perfectly, and now I don’t have to hunt down where I put it last. Always ready and available for use with the holster.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Every Breacher Needs a Holster
    I bought holsters to go with every bottle breacher gift I have previously given. I plan to make them the 2015 Christmas gift. They are awesome and I love that you can use the magnetic strip and keep them on the fridge or cooler or attach the holster to a wall or post. It is very handsome and looks great with my hot pink breacher!

  5. Adam Hendrickson (verified owner)

    Perfect addition
    The holster is a perfect addition for your bottle breacher. Before I got one I had to put my breacher on top of the fridge, now it’s out in the open for everyone to see.

  6. Tom (verified owner)

    Great idea. Utilized the included magnet to attach to my fridge and proudly display my bottle breacher, while keeping it in an easy place to use after grabbing a beer from the fridge.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best Refrigerator Magnet
    Most useful way to store your Breacher in style. Good design and looking.

  8. Agent of Chaos (verified owner)

    Perfection in simplicity
    Every hero needs a sidekick but who knew that such a simple product could provide such gratification? At first I was skeptical as to why I would need this. Then I realized that I had a 1st gen breacher that’s sticker came off and no longer had a home after I bought several replacements. It became the “go to” bottle opener but was always getting knocked over or dropped or misplaced. Then the answer became obvious and my skepticism was laid to rest. This holster was the perfect solution. Problem solved. My Bottle Breacher now had sidekick. Now I have it on the fridge, beautifully displayed, out of harms way and always in the same place. I can already see myself getting more for the rest of my collection.

  9. DanO (verified owner)

    Very cool gift!
    I have both stainless and black holsters. They look great on your fridge or screwed to the house by my fridge in the back! Another great product by great people! The logo looks really cool too.

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Handy Holsters
    I bought four of them for my 3 adult children and myself. All of us have already hung them on the frig or in the “Man Cave”. Great fun product.

  11. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Best Christmas gift
    Bought the Bottle Breacher last Christmas and the Holster as a stocking stuffer for this Christmas. My son in law was a Marine and knew exactly what it was when he opened it. The holster will make a nice display!!!

  12. Garry Vicze (verified owner)

    Solid, great quality, gorgeous, well priced.

  13. Kevin M (verified owner)

    Conversation Piece
    I love my Bottle Breacher. It’s a great conversation piece and having it displayed with the holster right on the door of my beer fridge is even better. It works perfect, just like my Breacher. Thanks!

  14. Dana (verified owner)

    Perfect Add-on for your Breacher
    This breacher holder is fantastic! The perfect add on. You always know exactly where your breacher is at all times.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hell Yeah!
    A great way to proudly and conveniently display my bottle breacher. The mobile site didn’t show me all the color options, but it all worked out since I got a black Breacher and and stainless steel holster.

  16. Suzy (verified owner)

    When I received my Bottle Breacher I was stunned on how a simple piece of product could have people talking. Family, friends and co-workers were amazed how nice the Breacher was. I ordered my “Wishes for Warriors” breacher for a reason and that’s for the donation. The Holster made it complete. I also ordered the keys chain breacher. You guys hit the mark on these products. Like my brother said when he saw it “Its Tities”. Can’t wait for the Wine Breacher.

  17. Hansel Perez (verified owner)

    a great gift for any occasion
    I just got married this passed Sunday, and the breachers stoled the show. They look awesome and everyone loves the story behind them. I’ll be placing another order soon for some people that did not get one. Thank you all,.. And God Bless America

  18. Charlie Jackson (verified owner)

    Great looks
    Awesome product… and awesome way to give back to those that served.

  19. jack moore (verified owner)

    I ,am very happy with the opener. It is a gift for my son’s new bar that we are building together. I am a Navy Vietnam Veteran and it makes me feel great to know that it was made in America .Keep up the good work .God Bless The U.S.A.

  20. Tyler (verified owner)

    Love it. Works perfect for holding my breacher, now I just need one for each breacher!!

  21. Mich (verified owner)

    Handy Holder
    Great addition to have your Bottle Breacher handy – no more digging thru the drawer.

  22. Juyne (verified owner)

    What a cool way to display the Breacher! My Marine loves them.
    Thanks to all of your Vets!

  23. Laura (verified owner)

    It’s great that you offer a holster to hold the bottle and wine breachers.

  24. David Brunner (verified owner)

    Breacher Holsters
    Excellent. I love these holsters. New Product Idea.
    BREACHER Flashlight!?

  25. Donita (verified owner)

    Holster Review
    Really impressed with the holster and will purchase it again with each breacher purchase.

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Holster
    This is a great idea and everyone that I purchased one for absolutely loved it.

  27. Roger (verified owner)

    Handy Holder
    Easy to stick on the fridge and keep it handy. Everyone asks what it is when they see it.

  28. Bob (verified owner)

    Great quality
    This is a great way to display your bottle breacher.

  29. Flo (verified owner)

    Excellent addition to the opener. fits perfect.

  30. Dennis (verified owner)


  31. Rochelle (verified owner)

    Great Product
    Gave this to my husband as a gift, along with his first Bottle Breacher, and he loved it.

  32. Eric (verified owner)

    Perfect holder
    No better place to store your Bottle Breacher. Love this holster.

  33. Brian (verified owner)

    Awesome product! I got worried everytime my breacher went into a drawer. Now its proudly displayed and free from the drawer.

  34. Josh (verified owner)

    Very well crafted piece. It’s nice to be able to show off my breacher without having it roll around getting beat up nice fit. Nice addition to an already great product.

  35. Renee (verified owner)

    I purchased the holster for the Breacher and what a great decision it was, we have it in our kitchen on display and receive so many compliments on it. I would recommend that anyone who purchases the Breacher to definitely purchase the holster, it wont disappoint.

  36. Brooke Ibarra (verified owner)

    Great to display!
    Bought this so my husband could put his bottle breacher on the fridge. He took everything off so your product could be the showcase on our fridge. Great add on to a great product.

  37. Wayne Phipps (verified owner)

    Really neat holder
    I attached the holster to my bar making the. Bottle Breacher noticeable.. Many have commented on the design.. Love it

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent at what it does
    I used the magnet to attach this my refrigerator so my Bottle Breacher would always be on display and within my grasp. Very happy with the holster, and my Bottle Breacher.

  39. Anonymous (verified owner)

    As described
    Great product. Prompt shipping.

  40. Chuck Ammann (verified owner)

    Protects your opener from scratches and always available

  41. Cassie (verified owner)

    This is what my breacher was missing!
    I’m glad I ordered this for the breacher. So much better to have displayed on my fridge instead of in a drawer. Easier to grab and everyone sees it and asks where I got it because it’s really cool!

  42. Donita (verified owner)

    Red Holster Review
    To be honest I will always purchase one of these with each purchase
    The best way to display and have your breacher ready to breach a cold one!

  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Breacher UP
    Excellent products, Excellent Service. Would tell everyone to buy for family, friends and of course for yourself, as they are going to be impressed.

  44. Stephen Weber (verified owner)

    Must have
    An absolute must with any bottle breacher product. Great color selection compliments all breacher styles

  45. Nicole Weaver (verified owner)

    A necessity
    This is a must have for your breacher.

  46. Patrick M (verified owner)

    Great way to Display
    easy to install, Bottle Breacher fits perfect with no fear of it falling out.

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    50 Cal American Flag
    My husband loved it!

  48. Tyer (verified owner)

    Awesome Product!
    I now have two holsters and 4 Breachers and one I won off their giveaways!! Amazing product and great company to support. Will for sure order more!

  49. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great quality. I will be a returning customer!

  50. Bill G. (verified owner)

    What’s better than a .50 cal breacher mounted to the pool bar… I argue, nothing!!!

  51. Sharon McCauley-Castellano (verified owner)

    Best Gift ever
    I bought bottle breacher’s for each of my sons, who are in the military. for their birthdays. I had them engraved with their name rank and their airwing. They love them. I also bought the holsters and one of your tees, for my older son , who is also a motorcycle lover. The quality on the tee is excellent. He loves it. Thanks Bottle Breacher for making their birthdays a great one.

  52. Lora (verified owner)

    50 cal holster
    Love this holster, to proudly display my bottle Breacher on the front of our refrigerator.

  53. Jesse (verified owner)

    Great Customer Service!
    I love my 50 cal. Bottle breacher! But more than that, I will always support a company that stands behind there product and has great customer service.

  54. Ali (verified owner)

    Wall mount
    I thought the idea of mourning the bottle breacher near the fridge would be great. It looks awesome and so convenient and now used by all! Great way to show off your cool tool. Ordered super late and their customer service was fast and great!

  55. Denise (verified owner)

    Love this!
    Love that you can mount it on the refrig. or metal tool box! Great customer service & company!

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good product

  57. Matt (verified owner)

    Does the job
    The holster does a good job of holding the breacher. I wish that it was designed to the bull faced up rather than the primer end so that the design wasn’t upside down. But, overall I am satisfied with the product

  58. Karen Manocchio (verified owner)

    terrific gift
    My family has much respect for the military , and are proud to purchase a quality item from them. GREAT Gift

  59. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Must have
    This is a must have to display the opener proudly!

  60. Matthew W. Kinard (verified owner)

    The complet process from getting it ordered receiving the items and the absolute quality these products are amazing and do exactly what they’re meant to do I will be buying a lot more

  61. MR SHAWN C KNOLL (verified owner)

    Christmas gifts
    Such a great product, I ordered 3 for christmas and even though I ordered after the cut off date I still received them in time for Christmas day.. thank you so much

  62. Linda (verified owner)

    Fun gift to give or get.
    I like to collect bottle openers but they don’t always work very well. Even the decorative wall mounted ones have to be filed a bit to open a bottle of beer with a first try. The breacher is first class and works slick every time. A happy conversation piece too. The wall holster is a must to keep the breacher in A1 condition. Love it.

  63. Karla (verified owner)

    Nice way to display
    The holster is a very nice way to display the striking bottle breachers I gave my husband, sons, son-in-laws and brother-in-law for Christmas. Ours is on the refrigerator where it is nice and handy and looks so nice.

  64. Halomom (verified owner)

    Keep your breacher handy!
    Perfect accessory for the breacher…….keeps it right at your fingertips. Wonderful pairing to the breacher. Happy to help a vet business. Happy to be American! Thank you for your service and your wonderful product!

  65. SFC P. (RET) (verified owner)

    Love it
    Great design for the Bottle Breacher. Nice way to display it.

  66. Justin (verified owner)

    Dam Nice
    I ordered the holsters along with Breacher’s for my groomsmen and myself. My groomsmen all thought these things were the nuts. The holster looks great on my refrigerator holding my Breacher.

  67. Jason (verified owner)

    Very Functional
    Love the new bottle breacher, not only functional but super cool.

  68. Owen Richards (verified owner)

    Must have
    Definitely a must have for total ease of grabbing and using your 50 Cal. bottle breacher!

  69. (verified owner)

    My Hubby Loves It
    I bought this as a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband. We are big fans of Shark Tank and my husband mentioned wanting a Bottle Breacher every time one of their episodes of Shark Tank re-airs. The Bottle Breacher was amazing to see in person. I served in law enforcement and had never seen a casing that size. Wow! My husband was so happy he took it to work to show it off. I had also purchased the magnet holder for the fridge & the gift case. You guys rock. Thanks.

  70. James (verified owner)

    Love it. put my breacher on the refrigerator for all to see and use.

  71. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hung it where I need it.
    Works for me!

  72. Jenn Boileau, Flow with Jennifer Boileau (verified owner)

    Loved the holster for my husbands bottle breacher gift. He opener fits easily and ensures it won’t end up in a drawer…

  73. jacob virginia (verified owner)

    holster works great
    so i recieved a .50 cal breacher for mhy birthday in december, and i loved it, but when i sat it down it rolled away or fell in my couch or just went missing. lol then i found this. i can keep my breacher on the fridge where it comes in most handy haha highly recommend this for anybody with a 50 cal bottle breacher.

  74. Donita Dalton (verified owner)

    Always try and remember to order a holster, this is a must have! 🙂

  75. Nancy (verified owner)

    Must have!
    If you purchase a Bottle Breacher you have to have this too! Well made and keeps the Breacher handy on the refrigerator. Have given several as gifts and all recipients loved it.

  76. Shannon Knight (verified owner)

    Works perfectly with Bottle Breacher
    I purchased this along with a Bottle Breacher. Perfect pair!

  77. Diana Darnell (verified owner)

    Nice Addition
    The holster was a nice addition since I gave the Bottle Breacher to my husband as a birthday gift

  78. Sean Elkins (verified owner)

    Epic! This holder really makes my bottle breacher stand out in the kitchen. It is light weight, small, durable and perfectly cradles my bottle breacher. They are a perfect set so go ahead and get both!

  79. Rob (verified owner)

    Quality service / product / performance from start of process to the product hanging on my garage fridge.

  80. Tom Fernandez (verified owner)

    Epic product
    This product is a must have it with the breacher it makes a perfect pair, the bracket is strong and well thought of, it’s also made in here in the US. I like how the bracket comes with screws and a magnet, so you have an option of where you place it, it’s a must-have. Thank you for making such a great product

  81. Barbara (verified owner)

    50 caliber holster
    I ordered this holster when I purchased the Bottle Breacher. This is the best for convenience….you always know where it is!

  82. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect. Top quality all around. Will purchase more… count on it!

  83. Josh (verified owner)

    Perfect Fit
    Used the magnet that comes with the holster and easily assembled and put on my fridge. Perfect way to display my breacher!

  84. Martin (verified owner)

    This is a terrific idea, keeps my Bottle Breacher out of the way, but with easy access. Good quality, looks great, just what I would expect.

  85. Shaun McNally (verified owner)

    Such a great addition to the lineup
    This holster is badass!!! Makes a great, FUNCTIONAL addition to the product line. Well made. Good graphics. And purpose built! Great idea!!!

  86. Steve (verified owner)

    Got a holster for the Bottle Breacher my son bought me for Xmas.

  87. Joe Martinez (verified owner)

    Lifetime Keepsake
    The Breacher holster is a MUST have for the Bottle Breacher. Getting the holster pairs well with the Breacher as a gift combination because the Breacher is a unique gift that can be shared over a lifetime.

  88. Cory A Wex (verified owner)

    As advertised
    Good quality, good functionality. Just what I expected.

  89. (verified owner)

    Love how it can be attached or removed with magnet. Long screws were a puzzle to me.

  90. Chris (verified owner)

    Gotta Have holsters
    Again, BB packs their products so no damage happens and ships very quickly. These holsters are a must, can’t put your .50cal breacher in a drawer. They must be on display, close by, and ready for use….which is exactly why you need a holster with every breacher. (HINT BB: get to work on the 30mm and Frag holster). Thanks Eli and company.

  91. Stephen Morgan (verified owner)

    Great for Coolers
    The Coolers that I have they are great for them along with other places.

  92. David Buozis (verified owner)

    A holster for my 50 call bottle opener
    Got the bottle opener for Christmas and wondered what to do with it but found Bottle Breacher. Love the holster but wish the magnet it came with worked to hold it.

  93. Frank Ochoa (verified owner)

    Perfect product to hold the 50 call bottle breacher.
    breached. I bought this to mount in the kitchen.
    I liked it so much, and more importantly, my wife liked it so much, I purchased two more. One for the basement and one for the backyard patio.

  94. Anonymous (verified owner)

    50 Caliber Yeah
    Loved this product, especially the magnets to attach it to my Combat Cooler.

  95. Antony Michael Novom (verified owner)

    Better than expected
    I ordered the wall/magnetic holster for my opener to get it out of drawer. It exceeded my expectations. Absolutely love it.

  96. Heather (verified owner)

    Great holder for your bottle breacher

  97. Sydne Meyers (verified owner)

    This is amazing…love this. Gave with a bottle breached as a house warming gift. Hit of the party!!!!

  98. Stephen Thomas (verified owner)

    50 cal holster
    Awesome!!!! I need to order another one; hold any type of 50 cal bottle opener. Of course my bottle breacher is occupying the holder as we speak.

  99. John Snyder (verified owner)

    Put the magnets on it & stuck it right on the fridge. My Betsy Ross Breacher is right on hand when I need it.

  100. Mark (verified owner)

    50 cal holster
    The holster is a great way to keep the 50 cal breacher ready for action.

  101. Ed (verified owner)

    Breacher holder
    Looks great works great comes with screws and a magnetic back.

  102. Mike T (verified owner)

    Very handy idea. Mine went on the fridge to hold my bottle breacher so it’s right handy and easy to find even after I’m sloshed.

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