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Tattered American Flag Freedom Frag

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Check out the production: American Flag Freedom Frag production video . This Freedom Frag is made from a training fragmented grenade and turned it into a bottle opener, the patented bottle opening is cut with a CNC machine, it is powder-coated and then laser engraved for an amazing quality bottle opener what will last a lifetime.

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Tattered American Flag Freedom Frag

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Grenade American flag bottle opener is a unique and patriotic way to open your favorite beverages. It is made from a real grenade decommissioned and laser engraved with stars and stripes. The bottle opener is attached to the pin, so you can pull it out and pop open a cold one with a bang. This is an excellent gift for veterans, patriots, or anyone who loves America and freedom.

What does the tattered American flag mean? A tattered American flag is a flag that is torn or damaged. It can be a symbolic representation of the wars and struggles that America has gone through to gain its freedom, and can also be a way of honoring the military of the country. However, a tattered flag should not be hoisted under any circumstances, as it is seen as incredibly disrespectful and a dismantled piece of cloth rather than a symbol of American pride. When a flag is worn out beyond means, it should be disposed of in a reverent and

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