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The Protectors with Jason Piccolo | Podcast feat. Eli Crane

Host Jason Piccolo of The Protectors podcast digs into Bottle Breacher Founder & CEO Eli Crane about his background, why he chose the Navy and the driving force behind how he’s gotten to where he is today.

This podcast wastes no time introducing Eli, diving into where he is from and asking “why the Navy?” Eli hoped to commission into the armed forces upon graduation from the University of Arizona when the tragic events of 9/11 would forever change his future. While he may have been in the classroom and just 9 months out from graduation, his heart ached for his country and he new where he needed to be. Looking into various special forces opportunities, a common theme in his research was that Navy SEAL training was the toughest training in the Department of Defense. Always seeking ways to challenge himself, Eli set out on this quest immediately, leaving school with one goal: becoming a Navy SEAL to serve his country at a high level.

Making it through “Hell Week” of Navy SEAL training on his first attempt, he was performance dropped a week and a half later. Not giving up on his dream, he served in the Navy for a couple years before returning to SEAL training for a second round, this time earning the trident of a Navy SEAL. After a few deployments and two children later, he knew he would either need to do something different in the Teams or to get out. Ultimately making the decision to leave the Navy and needing a way to provide for his family, Eli sought out Entrepreneurship and knew this was the next challenge he wanted to tackle. 

Creating Bottle Breacher in a one-car garage while still serving in the Navy, Eli with his wife and business partner, Jen, went on Shark Tank scoring a deal with Mark Cuban and Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary, airing the episode one short month after exiting the Navy. Focused on building his legacy and living the American Dream, Eli had to learn how to adapt to civilian life and be a successful entrepreneur. 

Learning quickly you don’t need to wear a uniform to serve your country and brothers and sisters in arms, Eli, through Bottle Breacher, sought to give back and support military and veteran initiatives. While he missed being immersed in this camaraderie, Eli realized that he could still do for this community and be part of it. 

Continually seeking thrills and challenges, Eli was presented the opportunity to team up with Sig Sauer. Now serving as a Sig Sauer brand ambassador, Eli is again on a team of innovators and those who push the envelope in American manufacturing. As a cause Eli is passionate about and has built his own company around, he is ecstatic to surround himself with another team who shares this love of being “American Made”.

Finally, Eli shares the foundation of his life: his faith. Drawing back to the Podcasts overarching theme of “what’s gotten you through your tough time”, Eli’s driving force is evident in his belief system.

Listen to the full podcast for the raw, unhinged interview between Eli and Jason.

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