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Vetty Awards to Bring Celebrities & Vets Together

This year marks the 3rd Annual Veteran Awards. Known as the Oscars for Veterans, the Vettys was created to recognize Veteran excellence. This year’s awards ceremony featured the likes of Montel Williams, Jake Tapper, Anne Heche, Nate Boyer, and Shoreh Agdashloo. Of the unannounced presenters this year, our very own Founder and CEO Eli Crane had the privilege to present an award at the event.

Eli Crane will present at the Veterans Awards

This year’s Vettys awarded individuals for their service beyond the uniform for their contributions in mental health, education, community, leadership, and employment. This year’s ceremony also featured 2 honorees. The Vettys embodies Eli’s vision that service to country does not have to end when you take off the uniform. Being active in your community helps Veterans to continue being part of something bigger than themselves.

Eli is thrilled having been elected to recognize a few of his fellow veterans to shine a light on others doing a great job. Connecting Vets, who hosted the pre-ceremony interview, agree that the Veteran community will be the one to solve problems facing the country today. With Veteran business making up 10% of our economy, raking in $1.4 trillion in receipts last year, this comes as no surprise. The Vettys will host Veterans, some of whom own businesses contributing to this number, and award them for their continued service and going above and beyond the call of duty. 

Bottle Breacher thanks all Veterans who have served in the armed forces, the DOD, and their families. Your sacrifice continually drives us forward.

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