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What is a Bullet Bottle Opener?

A bullet bottle opener is much more than an opener. It’s a symbol of American pride. Why do we have our red, white, and blue .50 cal openers with our American Flag priced at $17.76? To ensure that the cost of freedom is never forgotten. Bullet bottle openers celebrate the legacy of our armed services’ brave men and women who sacrifice so much of themselves in defense of our great nation. While we can never repay our debt to their service, bullet bottle openers offer a small yet important testimony to the freedom we enjoy in America. Bullet bottle openers give users a badass way to not just open a bottle but breach it.

What Exactly is a Bullet Bottle Opener?

A bullet bottle opener is a unique take on the ordinary bottle opener. All bullet bottle openers are created from the casings of a once-fired bullet. Each opener utilizes a once-fired, decommissioned round of ammunition from one of three different sizes: .50 caliber20mm, and 30mm. The once-fired casing is reloaded with a new projectile. There is no longer any gunpowder present to fire the projectile. After careful inspection to ensure minimal defects, the round receives Bottle Breacher’s patented notch for opening ice-cold bottles. The high-quality notch is designed for repeated use. Once the bullet bottle opener is smoothed, it gets a nice powder coating to reduce corrosion. Next, a highly skilled team of engravers adds the finishing touches to complete the desired design, such as the .50 caliber Vintage American Flag Breacher bottle opener for $17.76! Lastly, openers that require it are polished, checked for quality control, and ready for cold brews!

What’s the Significance Behind a Bullet Bottle Opener?

Each round of ammunition has a story, whether used in training or on the battlefield. The bullet may have been fired to enhance the elite training of our courageous men and women as they work towards upholding the security of our nation both domestically and abroad. It could also be fired to preserve the precious lives of a platoon in combat. Bullet bottle openers serve as a somber reminder that the price of freedom can come at a tremendous cost. At Bottle Breacher we don’t forget the sacrifices of our brave service men and women. Many of Bottle Breacher’s staff are veterans and have experienced first-hand the impact of the ammunition we utilize. Whether veterans or civilians, Bottle Breacher employees share a deep-rooted love for our United States of America. Bottle Breacher’s chief intention is to breach the walls that separate military and civilian life by supporting a growing workforce of veterans and civilians interested in sharing and understanding each other’s perspectives. Bottle Breacher goes beyond opening bottles, breaching the walls of our perceived limitations, and realizing the full potential within us all.

What Can a Bullet Bottle Opener Be Used For?

Bottle Breacher bottle openers serve several purposes. As a bottle opener, they offer an excellent icebreaker into military service. Pop open a few beers and see where the conversation takes you. For civilians, it’s a wonderful way to learn about life in the military and gain perspective on what it’s like fighting for our freedom. It can allow veterans to bond with fellow brothers and sisters in arms. Besides making a great gift for military service men and women, bullet bottle openers can also make wonderful presents for police officers, firefighters, and first responders. All share a calling of selfless service. In truth, bullet bottle openers are for everyone! Civilians can celebrate their patriotism with several styles of openers, such as the .50 caliber BMG Authentic Vintage Blue.

Bullet bottle openers can serve as a decorative display and an everlasting memorial to fallen heroes. Purchasing a memorial bottle opener ensures that those who gave their lives for freedom will never be forgotten. Bottle Breacher helps by donating 100% of proceeds from memorial openers to the designated foundations entrusted with carrying the legacy of our fallen warriors.

How To Use a Bullet Bottle Opener

You don’t have to worry about taking a firearms safety course, enlisting the help of a firearms instructor, or calling a munitions expert! Bullet Breacher bottle openers are safe and free of gunpowder, Uranium, or other dangerous elements. Simply handle it like a normal bottle opener, find the patented cut in the side of the opener for the bottle top, and pop the top. It’s as easy as that. Bullet bottle openers are robust and can handle the pressure, just like our kickass warriors, so break out some brews!

Browse Our Unique Variety of Bottle Breachers

At Bottle Breachers, we believe in supporting veterans and first responders. We offer bullet bottle openers in three sizes: .50 caliber20mm, and 30mm. Each bottle opener is hand-crafted by veterans as well as citizens. Choose from vintage, chrome, brass, and more! Whether you’re looking for a great gift for groomsmen, an anniversary, Father’s Day, a graduation, or something else, our bullet bottle openers can be personalized with unique engravings. Choose up to twenty-five characters to include names, dates, or a special message. Check out our site today to learn more about our unique openers. Don’t just open your beer—breach it.

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