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Why Mr. Wonderful Invests in Women

Last week, Huffington Post hosted an interview with the one
and only Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary, and 3 top earning CEOs and Entrepreneurs
from O’Learys’ Shark Tank deals.

The interview consist
of why Kevin O’Leary likes to invest in woman owned businesses, and why they
are “sending him back all the money”.

Bottle Breacher
very own Jennifer Crane was one of the lovely ladies in this interview.

Here is a small insight into Jen’s life as a Super Mom and
Business owner alongside her husband.

Jen grew up with a strong role model, her Mother. While growing up she showed Jen that she could do anything and all at once. Jen’s
Mother had a full time job, was getting her Masters Degree, and had 2 girl
scout troops. “She was Super Mom”, says Jen. Jen realized that she could be a
Super Mom as well.

has many “rules for business”, one is having EXTREME Time Management. Jen makes sure to put time aside for her 2
beautiful daughters, daily. Jen states, “I’m the best at my job when I know my kids are loved and
taken care of.”

She works at her max
efficiency daily and doesn’t stop until she gets her job done. Like Kevin
stated “If you want to get something done give it to a busy Mother.”

Jen says “There’s
nothing like rocking it at the office and rocking it at home. I am blessed, and
though I don’t get it right daily I know I’ve tried my hardest!”

Here are a
few more of Jen’s “Business/Life Rules”

~ Don’t take No for an answer ~ Deliver ~ Stay on Task ~
Work Hard Play Hard ~

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