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Shark Tank Survivors – Speaking At The Military Influencer Conference

If you have ever watched a single Shark Tank pitch, you know that the Sharks are relentless in picking apart a business and will not hesitate to dig into the minute faults presented. While Military members are no strangers to war, the Shark Tank is an entirely new battlefield. Sometimes, however, there emerges a business who lives to tell the tale of how they walked out of the Tank doors having made a deal with a Shark. 

After fighting his way out of enemy territory, Bottle Breacher Founder and CEO Eli Crane alongside his wife Jen, fought their way out of the Shark Tank scoring a deal with both Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary. Fast forward to present day, Bottle Breacher continues growing and battling against all odds. Due to their success, Bottle Breacher will be speaking on a panel of “MilPreneurs” from Shark Tank. Check out other Shank Tank brands speaking on the panel as well. 

Milpreneur Panel

MilPreneur Panel

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